nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Not sure if there's a bug but I should upgrade...

January 6, 2009 11:36 AM 1/6/09

Macjournal just horked and I had to restore from the copy stored on my thumb drive. (A copy that I will promptly update as soon as I post this.)

So it looks like I might have to update Macjournal just in case.

In other’s snowing again. Thankfully it seems light at the moment so I’ll probably wait until it accumulates a little before plowing.

It’s okay getting back to work and I’m getting things done but *shrug*.

So other than almost losing everything I’ve ever typed into Macjournal things are moving right along.

Considering paying off the one personal loan in a few weeks here then letting the auto-deducted money go into savings. It’ll take time to build up cash but that should be okay.

My wife’s back is killing her and she should be at home in bed but she’s not going to do that because she needs to save vacation time for our trip to Montana this year.

I finished the basic layout of the garden plan for this year on the computer yesterday. Now I just need to accumulate bricks and eventually topsoil. We’re expanding it out to the end of the garage and replacing the fence with a better one. I’m also going to put down weed guard and rocks between the back of the garden and the neighbor’s fence so I can get behind the climber beans I’m going to put there AND so that I don’t have to trim the weeds there as well.

I’m trying the L-Tryptophan for sleep aid this week. So far it hasn’t kicked in but we’ll just have to wait and see. I know that melatonin keeps me awake for some reason so I can’t try the valarian/Tryptophan/melatonin comb unfortunately.

I need to seriously get cracking on the garage so I can get set up to start plants in there soon. I need to be able to do that and still be able to move the racks out of the way for vehicles if they need to be repaired. (And I still need to make a place for the “ugly green couch” as my wife calls it.) Getting organized is high on my list because after that it’s all maintenance and improvements.

Back to the grind after the holidays... *sigh*
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