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January 7, 2009 11:08 AM 1/7/09

There are ducks on the surface of the reservoir today.

Woke up sharply at 4 a.m. today for the second time this week so the L-Typtophan is having some effect because I was immediately awake with no drowsiness. No dreams.

I’ll definitely have to run the plow at least once when I get home and likely we’ll get more snow over the next few weeks. I just hope none of it turns out to the be “bury us alive” kind of snowstorm.

Got one of the XXXX to make XXXX but not the stuff to do XXXX with XXXX so that’s on hold for the moment. (Yes, I’m teasing my wife here a bit since it’s a spring/summer surprise for her. ^_^ )

Started working on conserving money today. For one thing I wrote down a list of things I wanted from E-Bay and then deleted most of my E-Bay watch list. That should prevent most of the impulse spending there. Though I still need to buy the rest of the XXXXs.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to try going to the restaurant only a couple of days out of the week. Mondays because it’s just a comfortable way to start the week and Thursday because it’s usually after my check goes into the bank.

This of course means that I’ll have to *gasp!* make my own lunches. I should be able to plan that pretty easy but I want to make sure it’s not stuff I wold need to cook because I enjoy getting out of the building during lunch. So probably lots of sandwiches then unless I decide to mount a microwave in my truck. (I could do it easily enough but where would I put it??) I like the idea of bento boxes but as I’m not Japanese I have no idea how to prepare one.

Been watching my congresscritters like a hawk. Haven’t looked at it today but I’m keeping an eye on them at least now. Now if we just didn’t have to wait two weeks before getting the new president.

So I figure I’ll need at least two sets of wire rack shelves if not three to set up the seed starter stuff but first I’ve got to clean out that space massively. There are people telling me to just junk the stuff there in the garbage but in all honestly I can’t do that in good conscience. I’ve thrown away circuit boards before, the odd computer part, etc. but two of these are old printers that are dead. Then there’s the buttload of chemicals that I can’t find a good disposal source for. There’s no clear path to dispose of things like thinners and malathion and such. I’m still checking on it but I suspect that I’ll have to use the industrial disposal source via work. Thankfully we don’t get charged for that sort of thing beyond our existing contract. Regardless I’ll get rid of all of it somehow.

Watched the original Dominion: Tank Police on Netflix last night. It was damn funny in an over-the-top kind of anime. I think I’ll get the DVDs because the dub was one of those horrible dubs made in the 80’s with truly horrible voice acting and I’d like to compare the subtitle to the dub just to see what’s different. Oh and if you watch it - one of the best distraction sequences by villains EVER. ;-)

Damn. Now I want a tank like the mini one in that anime. :-(

I need to sit down and start drawing again. I miss doing that but right now I don’t have the space. Maybe once all the crap gets organized.

And I need to get writing and doing a great many other things...
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