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Laughing at the darkness...

January 8, 2009 11:10 AM 1/8/09

A good policy to live by.

Laughing at the darkness puts you more at ease no matter which side of the coin you’re on. If you’re more light than dark then laughing at it makes you stronger because you’re filling the darkness with light. If you’re more dark than light it makes you stronger because you’re confident that the darkness can’t harm you. Either way it works out.

I try and laugh at a lot of things now. I didn’t used to and I still don’t do it enough. But I find humor in a lot more of the universe than I have in the past.

I once heard someone complain about the parody bumper sticker “God was my co-pilot but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him.”.

And it occurred to me that the supreme being(s), whoever you want to believe in, created this universe. And because it was created by him/them then it has to mirror some part of them. That being said there _IS_ laughter and humor in this universe and that mean that whoever created it had to have a sense of humor.

So when it comes down to it the creator(s) of this universe have to be able to laugh at themselves.

So I guess what it comes down to is that we just don’t get the joke in its entirety yet. ;-)

In stranger news I was wandering around the web and noticed that some new age people put orgone generators around a local cellphone tower in Britain to neutralize the extra EM fields. I’m not going to judge that but it put me on the track of finding out what an orgone generator was and I have to admit that the pyramid ones look pretty cool. I’m wondering what they use to cast them. I can’t help but think that a clear glass pyramid with gemstones cast into it wouldn’t look really cool despite any other properties it may possess.

As for the whole EM field thing I’m going to go with my gut feeling here and stick to my opinion that we never truly understand any technology 100%. That being the case it might very well be that something is going on there but we can’t reliably detect it at this point.

This train of thought beings me back to something I wanted to do with the garden.

There’s this funky thing that you can pay too much for on called an “Orb” that will change color according to some information sent to it over a wireless network. It’s a cool at-a-glance idea for a status indicator so I thought about taking it out to the garden.

1) Take a bunch of misc. colored LEDs or some of the tri-color LEDs and wire them into a random framework in say three separate circuits.

2) Make a mold shaped like a large quartz crystal and place the random framework into the mold.

3) Pour clear casting resin into the mold and place a simple project box in the bottom of the resin but suspended by string so it doesn’t sink below the surface.

4) Put a pre-programmed Arduino board in there and wire the outputs to the LED framework.

5) Wire moisture sensors and temperature sensors to the Arduio inputs as well as a solar charged battery source to the power.

6) Program the Arduino to change colors according to the temperature and moisture range it detects for that bed of plants. Brighter (more LEDs lit) means a higher value and the color determines the temperature.

7) Place system in garden bed to be monitored and enjoy the lights.

8) Bonus step: Attach an output of the Arduino to a watering solenoid to allow it to water the bed in question as needed.

This is easy stuff but time consuming. And casting resin isn’t all that cheap. But still it’s a cool idea. And it’s yet another idea that tweaks my button on blending technology, function, and art. And it’s so simple that I have no doubt that others could replicate it so I’d love to see a garden of glowing crystals.

Now if you wanted to be sadistic to your neighbors you could do this with sound as well. Imagine the Arduino producing noises from the decorative “rock” speakers according to what the soil conditions are. Then you could just go out and listen to your garden to find out if you need to water it.

My neighbors would kill me because I’d probably use clear chimes for my indicators. ^_^
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