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No one should ever have to suck on a frozen frog...

January 12, 2009 10:55 AM 1/12/09

And no one should have to use Windows either.

I can’t believe the amount of people downloading the Windows 7 Beta. IT’S VISTA WITHOUT THE SHINY!


Anyway we’re in for another cold snap so I fully expect to have to get out there and plow repeatedly. I had to do it a few times on Saturday but that didn’t turn out too bad. Still have to find the chains for the rear wheels though.

Came up with another airship related question. How much more energetic does helium become when heated?

The idea was to take a standard heated balloon bag but with lightweight rigid sides like a zeppelin then on the outside of that put another bag filled with a static amount of helium.

In theory the helium would increase the overall buoyancy of the airship and the internal heated air bag would provide enough lift AND heat the helium to make it even more energetic and thus even more buoyant.

Heat to rise, vent to drop, to drop fast pump the helium into a tank.

And in the event the burners go out you would settle to the ground slowly due to the added buoyancy of the helium.

The best part is that with the helping helium you wouldn’t have to carry as much fuel onboard to heat the air bag.

Shouldn’t be very hard to build a test vehicle.

And here’s another related idea - a collapsable semi-rigid frame.

Imagine what amounts to giant tent poles - the kind with elastic running down the middle - about 2“ in diameter. You could either put them all together and slide them into channels in the outer bag or...

You could in theory sew them into the bag but make them able to collapse in such a way that you could store the bag and poles in one cylindrical bundle. Think of it like two of those collapsable drink cups you use when you go camping. Push on either end of the frame, the poles fold in an accordion fashion and you end up with a single round pancake in the center of the airship. Put a retaining cover over the whole thing and put it into the gondola. Then transport the gondola however you will. (I think a road-towable gondola would be nice but it truly depends on the scale of the airship in question.)

I don’t know why more people don’t build airships. It seems like they would certainly cost less than other aircraft to build even with the FAA (or whoever) certifications. I know there are people working on these things out there but they seem to be few and far between.

Unfortunately I don’t have the land to build an airship. Maybe that’s a goal I should add to my future plans...

Still need to buy more XXXX so I can start on the XXXX before spring hits. Not sure what color I’m going to use for the XXXX but it should be XXXX to match the XXXX. Regardless it’s a long project so I should start as soon as I can afford it.

I did some rough calculations on the raised beds I want to make in the garden. I want to use poured concrete pavers 6”x9“x2” in size so for one raised bed it’s going to take several _hundred_ pavers. That’s an awful lot of pavers but the molds are cheap ($5+shipping each) and I can get ten of them (not quite yet) and pour ten pavers at a time. The concrete is cheap as well. My only concern is time because they have to set for 48 hours supposedly before you can take them out of the molds. Faster if you use quick-set concrete but that is more expensive.

So it’s a race. And on top of it all I have to set up to start the plants earlier than last year indoors so I can make use of the growing season that was annoyingly short last year.

This whole homeowner/gardener/bricklayer thing is going to kill me if I’m not careful. ;-)

A friend suggested cruising demolition sites to see if I can’t get the bricks that way because supposedly if you get there when they are doing the demolition there’s a good chance they’ll just give them away. But if you’re too slow then salvage people show up and pay money to remove the bricks. I’ll have to check around on that one because it seems like a really good idea.

Back to work now...
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