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If I reincarnate can I get a recycling credit for my body?

January 19, 2009 10:43 AM 1/19/09

A little sore and tired today. I went to work yesterday from 9 to 4 so I could get a bunch of things done in the plant and a few other things.

Thankfully both vehicles started at least today but then it wasn’t -21F this morning either.

Planning for summer my wife has agreed that she likes one set of concrete molds so I’m going to buy those and use them for the sidewalks and then use the paver molds elsewhere. The pavers from the flower mold would look especially nice around the peonies and the other small flower beds. Once again I have to calculate it all out so I know how much time it’ll take and how much concrete I’ll need.

Still haven’t gotten the seed starter stuff set up in the garage yet. Need to hustle on that because there’s a number of things I can start in March and that’s not that far away. Kind of wondering how I’m going to water it all but I think I can manage that if I get a good timer and such. Or maybe a pump and an X10 module then computer script it.

My daughter played with all her legos when we had the snow day on Friday. That was pretty cool to watch. I even asked her is she liked legos and she said yes. I’m glad. :-)

Still in need of much organization at home. I suppose we should have taken advantage of the snow day Friday but quite honestly we were both just kind of surprised to have the day off together. I think it was a case of not knowing what to do with ourselves or the house due to the unexpected time off.

Watched clips from the “Fall of the Blue Beetle” episode of Brave and the Bold that’s supposed to air later this week and I’m quite happy that they seem to have gotten Ted spot-on. Wil Wheaton seems like a good fit for Ted’s voice and does a good job bringing him to life. I think if he keeps this up he’ll be in the same league as many other voice actors. He’s been pretty good in all the parts I’ve heard him in.

One 8 days until the voting on the Tentothehundredth project by Google is started. I“m curious to see the results. I can’t help but wonder who will come out on top. The rational part of me says that there are tons of entries and mine will be drowned with all the others while the emotional side of me is hoping like hell to see my project at least hit the top 50 out of all of them.

I really have no illusions of winning though. There are millions of people with better ideas than I can come up with and if they end up helping others then who am I to complain.

Speaking of helping others I need to get back to working on my neighbor’s system. I’ve got the parts and need to do a final diagnosis on it and fix it if I can. I’m so slow lately on some things. I just hope he didn’t blow the motherboard again...

Speaking of being slow I also need to re-organize stuff in the garage still. I’m so far behind on that stuff right now and I’m tired when I get home so I just don’t want to mess with it. I need to get over that hump and just get the stuff done.

I’m kind of playing with the idea still of a carport in front of the garage to keep the wind off of the vehicles. That should be less expensive than extending the garage and should do well enough for all but the coldest of days. And it likely can be built out of reclaimed wood fairly cheaply.

Oh and did I mention that it would increase the space available for solar panels? ;-)

This house is going to be an endless source of projects for me but I suppose that’s true of any house. I probably won’t be satisfied with any place that I don’t build myself. (I wish I could get my wife to enjoy the beauty of Earthships but she’s a little to conventional for that.)

But I have plenty of time. And that’s time I can take to tinker with existing house stuff, upgrade it, do things from scratch in some places, etc. Most of the projects I want to do are big ones too. The garden for instance will likely take a good couple of months to get right.

Such is life...
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