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January 20, 2009 11:05 AM 1/20/09

I’m at the restaurant today but I really shouldn’t be because we can’t really afford for me to eat like this any more. Money is tight this week.

As usual we overspent a bit but that is correctable and we have enough to pay the bills still. I need to get my office stuff set up pronto so I can get a handle on the paperwork. I’ve been slacking. And anyway I’m not going to do all the money related stuff outside anyway for security reasons. It’s not any more or less secure in the garage than the average home I just feel funny about it.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night - the mind just kept racing. But then I also have been busy and forgot to take my vitamins the last week so I’m not surprised things aren’t working right.

Started putting reminders in on my Macbook last night. I think I’m going to try reminding me repeatedly to do things for a week at a time and see how that works. I really need to get moving on all this stuff before I drown.

Found one of my two spare routers so I can deal with my mom’s wireless issue. Turns out her particular version of a Belkin router (FD7230-4 if I recall correctly) has a bug in the firmware that keeps releasing the DHCP lease every 30 seconds or so. A firmware update would cure it but that’s hard to do remotely and not something I want to walk through over the phone. Especially since she doesn’t have an ethernet cable and would have to do the update over the wireless. Bad ju-ju if that fails because you end up with a brick not a router.

Anyway I’ll load up a spare router and send it to her and it should be an easy swap. Then I can get the Belkin back whenever and all will be well.

I really need to put in a calendar server at home. I was thinking about that while adding tasks to my Macbook last night (this morning) and it would be really cool to get an old laptop, convert it into a digital picture frame, then install one of the add-on touch screen appliances to it so that you can seen and manipulate an on-screen calendar. If the laptop is used/free and the OS properly supports an on-screen keyboard then it likely wouldn’t be all that hard to do. Add one more thing to my dream project list.

(A related idea was a reminder thing to regulate my online spending. Make a laptop into a digital picture frame then feed it a single E-Bay/Amazon link from a file that updates itself every payday. That would put a single item in my view every payday and help remind me that I should only be buying stuff when I can afford it AND it will allow me to nibble away at my Amazon and E-Bay lists. Thankfully there’s not too many things on those that are truly expensive but the list tends to get long if I don’t do something about it.)

Regardless of any other plans I really want to try and set up a shared calendar for the house so that my wife and I have one scheduling place and one only. That way there’s no conflicts unless one of us fails to put it in the calendar.

Speaking of scheduling things I need to start cleaning tonight after I give my neighbor the bad news about his system (motherboard toast...again).

I wonder if I can get the house clean enough to allow us to get Roombas. That would be really cool!

We talked last night a little about where we want to go with this house and long-term we decided some amazing things. Going “up” with the house is in the plans somewhere but something my neighbor reminded me is that our house might be done with 24“ spacing between the studs. If that’s the case we may not be allowed to build on top of that without some extra work. Still deciding where the staircase would go. Likely we’d lose the hall closet and put a spiral staircase in that spot. All dreaming of course at this time but it’s good to have those plans even if you don’t ever complete them in a timely fashion.

Timely plans....

I think the best timely plan we can have at this point is to save save save and do what we can with what we have. The economy may be rescued but I can’t count on that.

Damn. That reminds me that I owe some people some things. I’ll have to compile that list this weekend...
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