nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A stake in the country with a side order of pride...

January 21, 2009 11:17 AM 1/21/09

So we’ve done it and our choice for the presidency is now in office.


I for one am looking forward to what he is going to do in his first 100 days. This should prove very very interesting.

I’m not going to say much more on this today except that I now have something I didn’t have before. Pride in a number of my fellow Americans. That’s long been lacking.

I hope it continues and I know _I_ will try and work it into my life goals.

There’s an idea - be someone that _everyone_ can be proud of. A tall order but doable by anybody if they try.

He took it well and he’s more than willing for me to find a solution for him so the pressure is off for right now. I even told him how to prevent his stereo from killing his system in the future. (Thankfully he has optical inputs on his stereo!)

My truck is starting to creak in the front so I should probably pick up those front end parts next “fat” week after this. Still not looking forward to getting under there but it all needs to be done so I gotta do it.

I need to draw up things and write up proposals for the things I want to do in the yard this year so I can submit them to the city engineer. That means a formal document and drawing for what I want to do. Not the fence because that’s simple but several other things that I want to get done. I’m not going to apply for the permits yet but I want to pass them by the engineer first to make sure there’s not going to be something that the city will fine me for or refuse to issue a permit for. Just being prudent I guess. ;-)

Free pie day today on top of things. Double-Woot! ^_^ Carmel Apple A La Mode...mmmm....

The reminders have been helping a bit so far but I need to take them seriously and take it one step further by making sure those reminders get to me across the board. I suppose I could have them e-mail me but it didn’t look like they had any other account option but my gmail one. I’ll have to look into that because if I can find/make a Gmail reminder widget that would work nicely for everything but my iPhone. (The iPhone development platform is a little beyond my current skills at the moment.)

There’s so many good programming ideas I’ve got that I really really should try and bring that skill back up to snuff. Right now I can’t program my way out of a function<bag(paper)>. And it’s always an area I was interested in but never followed up on.

Not enough time. Anybody got a winning lotto ticket they’d like to give me? Anyone?

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