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January 22, 2009 11:09 AM 1/22/09

So I got a few more things on my list done last night but there’s still more to be completed. Tonight I will hopefully compress everything in the third bedroom so that tomorrow I shall be able to move the bedroom/office stuff that is in the garage into that room. Then this weekend I re-organize the garage (among other things) and move the compressed stuff out there.

It’s sad how long this is taking me - truly sad. I should have had this done the middle of last year. :-(

I feel so old sometimes because I’m moving so slow on these things. When I first became an adult I used to move quickly, get what I needed to do done, and then go back to fun things. Then for some reason I’ve slowed down.

The weight of age and the weight of myself. It almost feels like I imagined Bruce Wayne felt in the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. I used to be able to just DO all this stuff and now it’s like I’m a shadow of my former self.

I know I’ll get some of that back once I lose the weight but it’s more than that. Huh. Sounds like a genuine mid-life-crisis but late. Figures. I’ve been a late bloomer with everything else in my life. :-/

Regardless I need to handle the situation and handle it soon or I’ll wear myself down beyond the capacity for repair. And that would suck most mightily.

I need to get things in order so I can go back to the fun things. And I’ve got a _lot_ of fun things I want to do. ;-)

But then I suppose that’s true of a lot of people. So many hours are wasted by doing things that suck. Star Trek style replicators and self-sufficient power can’t come soon enough for me. Having those would reduce quite a bit of strife in the world in my opinion. Not all of it obviously but it would certainly but probably enough that we would be able to take a breath as a species.

Still working on the garden plan in my head but not that much more as it’s pretty much finalized. Now I just need to get it all on paper and then start acquiring/producing the materials. Yet another reason to finish the garage organization.

I really would love to do something like help someone build a hydroponics system in large-scale. I’d love for someone to fund something like taking one of the old empty manufacturing plants that abound in the Midwest and convert it for growing food hydroponically. I think it could easily be done especially if the building was not used to manufacture anything toxic. (The seller/donator would have to pass an EPA inspection on the building which I think they have to do anyway.) One of those single-story, long and flat, old-style buildings would be perfect. Put in a bunch of solar cells for power and LED grow lights along with the flood pumps and all the other stuff and you’d be able to grow almost anything productively.

One plant of that size could grow year ‘round and thus make money year ‘round. And in a declining economy the one thing people are going to need is food. You’d be able to under-cut the competition on whatever you could grow during winter, it would be locally transported only so you wouldn’t have any bug fuel costs, AND did I mention that it would be an insanely longer growing season?

Geeze. This is a great idea and would be perfect for a co-op of people to get their own business running. Get it together people! C’mon!

Because if you don’t _I_ will. ;-P
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