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Blue in the tooth...

January 23, 2009 11:13 AM 1/23/09

So my wife and I are looking at upgrading our phones and maybe get Crackberrys instead but that’s an awful lot of money to spend right now.

Regardless I may have to get my phone replaced because _suspiciously_ it seems to suddenly reboot when tethered to my Mac. Sprint says it may be a “device issue” and to take it to a service center. *ahem* B-|

So maybe when we visit the phone store tomorrow I’ll have them look at it because I know they have a service center there.

Anyway the 7100i is my current choice for upgrade because it’s _cheap_ ($79 from Sprint or $30 on E-Bay) and it supports all the features I need including tethering to my Mac.

The other models either don’t support direct-connect/radio or they are considerably more expensive. And the 7100i actually _looks_ like a phone not some strange electronic pop-tart held up to my ear.

Watched the entire live-action version of The Tick last night on Netflix. It wasn’t too bad. It had what I would consider proper casting and other than some name changes (I doubt the random public would understand Derflatermaus anyway) it wasn’t half bad. Too bad it only ran for nine episodes.

Bought myself a Lacie 8gb flash drive today - the one that looks like a coin. $35 or so shipped so that’s not too bad for 8gb of storage that looks cool. I was running out of space on the 4gb anyway so I’l transfer all that to the new drive and give the old one to my wife for her use. It’s in excellent condition and it’ll serve her as well as it did me.

Still waiting for the snow to make its exit but I don’t expect that to happen until late next month at the earliest. It’s preventing me from getting things moving around there outside but that’s just par for the course during winter unfortunately.

I can’t wait until spring arrives...

On the upside after doing the bills and paying the mortgage we have a little money left over so we’ll probably clear out a couple of other things with it and save the rest. We need to build up a little better cash reserve. I think by next fat week I’ll be able to buy the steering parts for my truck without a problem as well as a couple other smaller things.

Had some Orange Chicken for dinner last night and it’s just kinda going right through me today. All those oils I would have to guess because beef & broccoli does the same thing.

So I went and submitted the hydroponics+old manufacturing centers idea to the website yesterday. I don’t expect an answer but at least I tried to pass the idea on to people who might be able to use it. Now if I could just get the government to subsidize airships... ;-)

Speaking of steampunk I’ve decided that the first steampunk project I’m going to attempt will be the Steampunk Pismo. That means acquiring 1/2 rigid copper/brass pipe, some copper/brass sheet, and some amber sheet mica. Should look pretty cool when I’m done.

But I have to get started on it first...

I’m pretty lame in that regard. I’ve got so many ideas and so little time to spend on them that I either never get them started or never finish them. Like I said - pretty lame. :-(

I figured it out the other day. I could put panels on the garage alone and power all the computers and routers I use in the basement directly using a battery bank as the buffer. I could put all my servers off the grid completely. That would rock most mightily. The problem is cost of solar cells. Once again it comes down to money...
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