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Still diseased...but getting better...

January 29, 2009 4:01 PM 1/29/09


Okay I’m exaggerating it a bit. The cold medicine and the extra sleep is helping quite a bit. I should be able to go into work tomorrow without too much trouble.

It’s very annoying for me when I get sick because it doesn’t happen often. Not truly sick enough to keep me from getting things done anyway. Usually it’s just a bothersome sniffle or a minor cough so when something hits me hard enough to keep me down I know it’s something strong enough to get past my defenses. Fortunately it also doesn’t usually last long. I don’t think there’s been more than three times in my adult life that I’ve been sick longer than a week total. *knocks on wood*

Regardless I’m truly trying to rest while things pile up at work. It’s hard not to think about those things because I have this genuine urge to fix things all the time. If only I could stop sleeping and had infinite energy... ;-)

My 8gb Lacie coin-shaped usb thumb drive just arrived and there’s two immediate things I’ve noticed about it:

1) It’s METAL and actually has some weight to it.

2) It has a rotational mechanism for extending the USB connector. You rotate the top and bottom kind of like twisting an Oreo cookie and the connector pops out the side. Pretty cool.

Only downside I can see? You won’t be able to plug other things into the nearby ports when it’s plugged in, not side-by-side anyway. Vertical should be okay.

Regardless it’s a cool item and 8gb for $35 shipped from Lacie’s website.

I just hope it proves to be fairly indestructible.

Another thing that arrived today was the box containing a birthday gift for a friend. I’m not going to say what it is because he has admitted to perusing my ramblings here from time to time.

Regardless I think he’ll get a blast out of it. ;-)

I really need to get moving once this plague has passed through my system. I’m way behind in everything.

Got around to calling the storage place that has my old IHC Travelall in it and they’re fine with me mailing the title to them so I don’t have to be there to get rid of it. I’m good with that because I can’t keep paying $55/month on something that there is only a 10% chance I’d ever get to in the next decade.

Maybe it’s a sign of my impending 40th birthday but I’m starting to drop things by the wayside and focus more on other things. I still have a ton of projects but there are some I will likely never get done. I won’t say they’ll never happen because life has surprised me constantly my entire existence but I will stop planning for certain things. Going to space is one among them but there are others. I regret not being able to do those things but I’m not going to lose any sleep over them.

But even with my 40th looming over me I still have plenty of time left to get things done and to make certain things happen. Even if, as I suspect, I don’t live past 65 that’s still 25 years to complete a bunch of stuff. And it may not look like it but 25 years is a lot of time. Now I just need to work on removing obstacles to those things that I want to accomplish. Obstacles


Time to take my meds! *chuckle*
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