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January 30, 2009 11:07 AM 1/30/09

The cold medicine is helping really it is! *shudders at the taste*

So we’re pretty close to some organizational milestones at home. I truly hope I can get the garage/third bedroom stuff sorted out this weekend. That would allow us to shuffle loose stuff from the rest of the house into that room and clean/organize the remaining stuff.

Having the house nice and clean will allow us to tackle other things without having the main house stuff on our minds and it’ll be easier to keep clean as well.

And hopefully I’ll be able to start the garden plants in the garage soon as well. Some of the things like the pepper plants just have to be set up and started by the end of February if I want a decent harvest from them. I’m not doing like I did last year and start too late and plant too early.

The heater in the garage makes all the difference. (Even if I can tell by the non-snow-covered roof that all my heat is going up and out.)

Besides, this give me an excuse to put an actual bookshelf in my daughter’s room instead of the wire shelves she has now. I think I’m going to hang the TV on the wall as well. That’ll help keep the space tidier and prevent it from being knocked over or something.

Bought a bench power supply off my friend in Florida today. That’ll be a nice addition to the electronics bench when it arrives. No rush though as I still have to move the computers from the main bench to the rack next to that bench and that’s part of the garage reorganization that will hopefully happen this weekend.


Another thing I’m hoping will happen this weekend is some more rest. I’m hoping to get everything done on Saturday and then rest on Sunday before going back to work. But the universe never seems to want to let me do that.

Oh and for those of you that are carnivores Google for “bacon explosion”. If you cook it be sure to have defibrillators handy because it’s a heart attack on a plate - almost literally. I’d love to taste it but my wife has threatened me with death by bludgeoning if I even think of cooking it.

Speaking of cooking...

With the exception of one meal while I was sick I managed to cook myself nothing but healthy food. Not bad if I do say so myself. Now I just need to do that on a regular basis. I foresee us buying a lot more chicken.

Seriously considering the all-meat-diet to lose the weight. It’s about the only way I can quickly remove the excess and since I’m now controlling my portions better I should be able to eat normally once the fat is gone. The problem is having enough meat in the house...

My neighbor hasn’t talked to me in a while and I’m concerned. I don’t have the cash to fix his system up front and I still haven’t decided if I want to chance buying another of the same model motherboard or a different model. I do know that I’m buying RAM for it at the same time even though the ram _looks_ okay. It’s one of the other few things that will ruin a good motherboard right off the bat especially if, as I suspect, the RAM took a hit when the original system fried.

Waiting for spring with much anticipation...
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