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The plague! It lingers upon my sooooull!

January 31, 2009 3:28 PM 1/31/09

Okay - last illness info post I promise.

It’s going away anyway despite talking to friends who have recently experienced the same thing and said it could last up to a week.

Unfortunately as well as I’m starting to feel I’m still weak. I went out to the garage to shuffle things around (like I’d planned for this weekend) and could only lift a couple of totes with a fair amount of effort. The way I’ve been describing it is the Kryptonite Bizarro pissed in my breakfast cereal.

Needless to say I hate being sick because it makes me feel so useless. Bah! Being Sick you are dismissed! ;-)

My wife is on my butt to rest and I guess rightly so because I need to not be hampered by this next week. I should be nicer to her but then she beats me while I sleep. ;-P

*gets hit by wife*


Anyway insulating the garage for next winter has become a serious priority because there’s no snow on top of it as of today. That means it’s seriously killing me heating-bill-wise. I’m not concerned because we’re on the budget plan and even if it eats up my credit horribly (which it’s doing) I’ll be able to make that back up during the summer.

Need to pick up TurboTax this coming Friday and get the taxes filed. I’m not sure in any way how they’re going to work out this year because we bought the house last year and now we’re homeowners but I also make a little more than I did the previous year so that has to be taken into consideration as well.

I’m hoping for a decent refund but it’ll depend on how much the mortgage stuff factors into the scene. If we get some hefty refund I’m paying off the credit union loan completely and then socking the rest in the buffer account. Maybe a couple of toys but nothing big. Both my wife and I can use good sized external hard drives so we’ll look into that.

There’s so much I want to get done and so many projects I want to get up and running on in the artistic and technology fields that I’m overwhelmed. And most of them are simple but they take time to complete - to work out the bugs, to flesh out the ideas.

Currently have a new-to-me band on rotation in my iTunes - Alakaline Trio. Somebody on the Brass Goggles forums posted a link to their steampunk style video for the song Help Me and I was hooked. I had to buy the entire Agony & Irony album and in iTunes Plus to-boot. They’re supposedly punk but either I don’t know what punk is or they aren’t quite punk. (It’s entirely possible that it’s the former as I have never been involved in the punk scene growing up.) Good stuff regardless.

Got a full set of fruit leather inserts for my FD-50 food dryer now so as soon as we get around to doing grocery shopping I’ll have some fruit to put in the blender and then create my own fruit rolls. From a friend of mine’s mother making the stuff is basically blending it up, add any extra sugar you’d want, a tiny amount of lemon juice to prevent browning and then pour it onto the sheets to dry in the dehydrator. Sounds simple enough to me. :-)

I hope I can get a better crop in the garden this year. It was a blast having our own vegetables and such on a regular bases. I definitely want to get at least some decent sized watermelons this year. One thing I did wrong last year was not cut the watermelons back to force them to concentrate on the fruits they had on the vine. I won’t make that mistake this year. It’s amazing what you can learn with one garden...

“And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.”

Pink Floyd’s song Time hits me very hard these days. I’m just now becoming a fraction of who I am inside. Gods! The things my mind has whirling inside, the burning light inside pushing to escape! There’s so many things I suddenly have in my sights to get done! So many creative ideas, so many stories, crafts, many...

There are so many many many people that are younger than me doing so much more with their lives that I feel so incomplete sometimes. They’re so far ahead of me...


Yep. That mid-life crisis is hitting right on schedule. I suppose I have to go out and buy myself an insanely fast red sports car now. :-/

I’m 40 years old next Wednesday and I’m just being born. I wonder if other people understand how painful that truly is?

Some probably do but sometimes they never show it.
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