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Annual Date of Decay...

February 4, 2009 11:01 AM 2/4/09

So today is the day of decay. For those of you that are fans of scans_daily and Super Dictionary I am now as many years old as the number of cakes Lex Luthor stole.

And that’s horrible.

Don’t have anything planned for my birthday and hopefully I won’t come bak from lunch to find my cube decorated. But if it happens I’ll accept it gracefully as usual.

I just want to go home and decay in piece... ;-)

(Not cut because dammit I only turn this old once.)

So what’s for the next 40 years? I want to take over the world one mad scientist invention at a time.

Way back when I was hoping to celebrate this particular birthday on the moon, then later it became in an island paradise, then it became in my own mountain halls of stone, then it became a hidden home in the woods, finally it just became a quiet place apart.

None of which is where I am now - at lunch during the workday.

I have to admit it somewhere so it might as well be here - I’m not happy with where my life has gone so far. I love my family (for the most part), my wife, my child. I wouldn’t change any of that.

But I see so many people younger than me leading so much more active and exciting lives.

But I also understand that the universe often puts people where they are needed. And on some level that makes it okay.

I’m not going to wish for excitement because the universe perversely loves to dole that out in completely unexpected ways...and right now more of the unexpected would be an issue. ;-)

I think I’ve said it before but the universe gives us not just we need but what we want as well. The problem is that most people don’t _know_ what they truly want. Myself included on some level.

Things that I want right now...

I want the garage and the house to be organized.

I want the economy to be better.

I want to have the room and materials to set up my starter plants for this season in the garage.

I want the time and materials to brew my own beer.

I want the time and materials to fix my truck/seond bike.

I want the time to spend on my family.

I want the time to spend on myself and my projects.

I want the weight to be gone of my own action.

I’m working on all these and more but it takes time to form the request of the universe properly so there are no serious side-effects.

For instance if I form the request for the weight to be gone but don’t specify of my own action then the universe might respond by giving me cancer or some other serious disease that would cause me to lose weight.

If I form the request for the time to spend on my family and myself then the universe might respond by me being laid off.

See what I mean?

People can get what they want from the universe they just know how to ask.

Sometimes asking involves forming the request using hard work, sometimes words alone suffice, but if you’re not careful the response you get will not be the answer you want or expect.

As for me? It’s going to take me a lifetime to get all the things I want from the universe.

But the same goes for all of you too. ;-)
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