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Stretchy rubber banded universal annoyances...

February 5, 2009 11:57 AM 2/5/09

So after getting annoyingly sung to by the restaurant staff I got balloons in my cube and a banner that my co-workers signed. That was okay.

Needless to say I’m glad that’s over with...

It was a nasty -1 degrees out this morning when I left the house. That was fun. Not.

Puttered in the garage last night and got a few more things done out there. I did find one of the reasons that the furnace out there doesn’t shut off regularly - either the wind or one of the furry rats knocked the gable vent in. (It’s a square framed one and pretty loose.) I screwed it down so it shouldn’t be an issue any more but it was wide open to the elements for I don’t know how long. No signs of habitation so I’m good with that. Yet another reason to get the garage insulted this summer - reduce the amount of heat lost so that critters don’t know it’s a good place to live. I’m not going through another round of squirrel mania.

Anyway I hope I can putter more out there and eventually get a completion on the organization phase out there. I should be able to do that pretty soon as I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff put away properly out there now giving me some working room. I think I’ll try and assemble the PDP-11/04 back into the original complete configuration then I can mount it in the rack with the Microvax II until I’m ready to fire it up.

That should give me the space to move the color printer over there and put it on the network. Though I’m debating on that. I could really use the large B-Sized laser in the garage but it’s much better than the small HP 4ML we use in the house and really should go in there. I just kind of don’t want to make the color laser my primary printer in the garage as it costs more to maintain over time. (I need to run some cleaner paper through that thing...)

On the money front we’re doing okay and I might be able to buy myself the basic brewing kit this weekend. Have to wait and see where we are after I pay bills.

For some damn reason it feels like Friday but I know it’s not.

I did spend $17+shipping for a replacement power brick for my clamshell iBook so that I can put it next to the bed and use it as a dream journal. I can type faster than I can write and in recording dreams that’s important or you lose the little details quickly.

I think tonight I’ll focus on getting the photo box all set up so I can take pictures of a couple of things to sell on E-Bay like my Space 1999 lunch box (rusty but includes thermos) and the Sylvania Polymeter volt/ohm/signal meter that I need to get rid of. That and a few other things.

Speaking of which I need to get over to the storage place and drop off the title and a payment to them so I can call to get rid of that truck this weekend. I’ve let that particular cycle run years too long now and it’ll free up my mind once it’s gone.

Still not free of the cold of +1 Annoyingness. Though I’d killed the bastard but it must have had a minor healing potion hidden away somewhere because it’s Not..Dead...Yet! Grr...

But at least I took my vitamins today and got something to eat this morning before leaving the house. That’s damn important because it makes it easier to deal and anything that makes it easier to deal, within reason, is a good thing in my book. ^_^
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