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Help Me Help Me Won't You! Sing Me Sing Me One Last Song!

February 6, 2009 11:11 AM 2/6/09

Yes, I’m still listening to the Agony & Irony album on repeat. ;-)

I do that with all new albums and it annoys a great many people around me that I do so. I often leave a single album on repeat the entire time I’m in the garage or when I’m writing at home.

*shrug* I’ll probably cycle out of this album and on to another one in a month or so.

Looking over my list of friend both offline and online I find that a great many of them are in trouble in one way or another. Most have a positive attitude about the situation but some are down.

I always wish I could just take away someone’s problems but I’m not in a position to do that and likely never will be. The best I can do sometimes is just remind those people that I exist and can maybe help them with something if needed.

Doing the birthday thing with family this weekend so I’m likely going to miss the wake of a good friend. I’m not sure I could stand to go anyway but I’ll have to think about it.

Damn I get so tired of losing people sometimes. I know sometimes it’s inevitable but still...

Well I finally mailed off the title for the International to the storage place so once they cash the check for this month’s rent I’ll be able to call the one auto salvage place and get rid of it. That means $55/month more to allocate to other things. If I’m careful there’s my toy budget right there or maybe most of my lunch budget.

There’s what I should do tonight! I should construct the photo booth for the things I want to sell on E-Bay and get them listed tonight. The one meter should bring in some money but the lunch box is going to be a complete random.

Supposed to be a heat wave this weekend. I’m hoping a bunch of stuff will melt but I’m not holding my breath. Did I mention I’m ready for spring?

Speaking of spring I really need to start totaling up costs of the needed maintenance and other things like the garden re-do and shelves and grow-lights for the starter plants. Potting soil, plantable pots, trays, etc. They should still be pretty cheap right now so getting them next fat week or so should not be a problem.

My wife “approved“ of me buying the brewing kit this week. That will leave me needing the ingredient kit and a 30 qt anodized aluminum turkey cooker both of which cost various amounts. If I buy the basic kit and the starter ingredient kit that will cost me around $100+ but I’m not sure I want to spend that all at once as I don’t have enough bottles yet. BTW - a good set of needle-nose pliers will remove the ”rocket“ from Guinness bottles so they can be re-used. So the message here I guess is that I need to drink more Guinness. ^_^

*away - drinking more Guinness*
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