nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A rotten danish does not a breakfast make...

February 9, 2009 11:13 AM 2/9/09

And we certainly seem to have a lot of rotten danishes in life.

Stupid me forgot my vitamins this morning including my 5-htp. Not good as I tend to act flakey lately without them. But then I didn’t eat this morning either.

Another one of my friends got laid off today. I think they’ll hire him back right away because he can work with what they’ve got whereas the overseas people they hired to replace him have no clue.

Make you want to learn VMS doesn’t it? ;-)

Still haven’t picked up our copy of TurboTax this year yet. Probably buy that on Friday of this week as the last week sapped us a bit on cash.

Got a voicemail from the storage place today saying he received the vehicle title in the mail and he wants to know if I am going to call someone or should he. I think I’ll just tell him to call someone.

Vox (one of the places I also post) is giving me hell about remembering my cookies in my browser so I can stay logged in. Bastards.

Didn’t get out and ride the bike this last weekend even though the temp was in the 50’s. I was otherwise engaged - my father and I went to lunch at an OTB place and on Sunday I rested and then cleaned the kitchen.

The high temperatures did let me get one thing done - I righted my rain barrel that had fallen over. Now I just need to get a good patio stone for it to sit on so this doesn’t happen again. That and I need to get more rain barrels.

If it gets warm enough over the next week or so I might actually ride my bike to work as possible. I could really use the gas savings. Today it was $29+ to fill up and I’m going to use most of that going to a remote location for $work today or tomorrow.

If it gets warm enough for me to take up that carpeting in the garden I’m going to do that as well. Hopefully it’ll come right up without issue but with my luck it’ll break into little pieces as I try and pull it up.

It occurs to me that I’m going to have to pull up the landscaping fabric at the same time. The dead vegetation in there I’ll just plow under when I rent/buy a roto-tiller. But the ground has to be completely thawed for me to do that one so I suspect that won’t happen until mid-march at the very least.

Haven’t priced the plant stuff for the garage yet but I’m hoping they aren’t going to be that expensive. I should probably pick them up one at a time now before the planting season hits. The big expense for this setup though is lights. I need to get grow bulbs of whatever fashion and fixtures. (Like i said in the past I’d love to do LED lighting but that’s a cost I can’t absorb yet.)

Absorb....I’d love to absorb some warm sunlight right now...on a nice warm grassy hill...with a cool summer breeze...

*sigh* When’s summer get here again?
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