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February 12, 2009 11:39 AM 2/12/09

So there are things going on that are getting me a bit down. I won’t post them here because they have to deal with work but they’ve got me down.

I hope that I can get motivated this weekend and that we’re not covered under a buttload of snow. They’re saying ten inches but I don’t believe that.

I really want to get moving on the garden and stuff but I can’t afford to buy anything this weekend except maybe my first grow bulb and fixture.

I found out today that we’re within a month of paying off the credit union loan using the final amount in the credit union account. I really want to make that go away because then the potential becomes $5k available (new personal loan) rather than just the $1.2k that’s in the account now. That would also mean that we’d accumulate $175/week in savings rather than just $100/week from that point on. I think it’s worth it to remove the loan from the picture but as before I will discuss it with the missus. ;-)

If it snows as it’s supposed to that will prevent me form acquiring the deck wood that our previous neighbor should still have available. Cold I can deal with - snow is another issue.

I should probably drain the rain barrel today and leave the valve open so it doesn’t fill back up until we’re out of the freezing zone regularly.

We do need to purchase TurboTax this weekend so we can get our return worked out. It’s going to be interesting with the house involved so I’m not able to call if we’re going to get money back or not or if so what amount. We _should_ get money back but we need to wait and see what shakes out when we crunch the numbers.

Point in fact I think I’ll download a copy of that when I get home today so we can file as soon as possible.

Huh. Just thought about the seedlings and came up with a good idea. I’m betting that I can hang both the lights and the seedling trays off of the ceiling of the garage without too much trouble. It would lower the garage ceiling level considerably but right now I don’t need the height in there.

I did think that I should probably invite my friend in the law enforcement service to stop by and visit once I have all the starter plants in the trays and set up in the garage. Just so people don’t peek in a window and go “OMG! He’s GROWING PLANTS! They might be WEED!”. *ahem*

Looking for a good remote desktop solution so I can get to my mom’s pc and fix her Thunderbird issue. (T-Bird crashed and when I tried to walk her through loading another copy it screwed it up and wouldn’t fix it because a dll was in use. Grr...)

Not sure if I want to use GoToMyPC or not as I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. Unpersons mentioned one solution but I don’t recall which episode it was or what the app was to pursue it.

It’s always something. Point in fact it’s always several somethings. At once. In concerted team efforts.

I can haz winning lotto now?
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