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February 13, 2009 11:08 AM 2/13/09

Just rescued a small computer for a friend of mine - an interesting little thing called a Pied Piper system. A small desktop from more ancient times. ;-)

I don’t mind rescuing things like this as they are truly part of people’s heritage even if they don’t think so now. In another decade there won’t be near as many old computers around thanks to people scrapping them with great speed.

Speaking of computers I still haven’t dealt with my mother’s Thunderbird issue yet but at least she can get into her Gmail from the web. I think despite my reservations I’m going to go with GoToMyPC so I can get my hands on the thing remotely as neither of us is up to driving the distance due to money and car/truck mileage. No big deal as long as it gets me to the desktop where I can fix the issue.

It’s a bummer that I had to go to Naperville the other day in the truck because it’s been pretty much warm enough to ride the bike the whole week. Now it’s going to get colder. Bah! Oh well. Maybe March will be warm enough to ride to/from work in.

Need to stop by Menards this weekend and see if they have cheap fluorescent fixtures to get for use in the garage for the starter seeds. The big-box grocery store already had trays out as well as seeds and other sundry planting things so I should probably buy those as soon as I can before they become “in demand” so to speak.

I’m definitely going to have to do something about the circuits in the walkway lights as they don’t seem to have survived the winter. It may just be batteries but I doubt it - the circuits in those were pretty cheap. As I said before I think I’ll try and make them run off of a separate solar charged source. I’ve got an unused sealed lead-acid battery that is 12V so that and a solar charge maintainer should do fine.

Finally got off my ass on the motherboard issue for my neighbor. I’m going to get him one from the same manufacturer but a different model. I’ve found one for about $42 so I should be able to pick that up this weekend.

No pie today. Gotta eat better. (And get more exercise.) (And more sleep.)

Called and left a message for the storage place to send me something in the mail saying that it’s all closed out. That’s $55/month back in my pocket. I should have done that years ago really but part of me was stubborn and part of me was attached to that old ‘72 Travelall because it was my uncle’s. I’m glad that cycle is finished.

Need to start working up my plans for the yard and get them approved by the missus and then formally present them to the city engineer so he can say yay or nay on them and what kind of permits I’ll need. I’ve got a lot of ideas but it’s not just my yard and I have to contend with the city a bit more because we’re a highly visible corner lot on those two streets. It would be easy for Public Works to report something out of the ordinary as they drive by a lot during spring/summer.

Remembered to open the valve on the rain barrel yesterday so it shouldn’t fill back up until I’m ready for it to do so. I need to go out and get some large patio stones for it to sit on. I also need to remember to buy said stones when I buy each rain barrel so this doesn’t happen again. I ALSO have to stencil the lid “Not for drinking.” on them so kids or somebody don’t drink out of them.

I’m seriously considering one of the rubber water-collecting roof materials when we have to re-do the shingles. Using that material means the water is actually safe to filter and use for potable purposes. That would be highly cool. :-)
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