nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Not for once I wish I could type in the dark...

February 14, 2009 10:05 PM 2/14/09

And see in the dark as I did when I was a child. My eyes take much longer to adjust than they used to.

The night holds some wonderful things. With all our lights and power and technology we often forget that the dark is beautiful as well.

We’re not moving anywhere any time soon but when we do move again I want it someplace that when we turn off the lights in the house all we see is the stars in the sky.

It snowed here last night but a big chunk of it melted during the day so I didn’t even have to shovel or plow.

Need to go to work tomorrow but hopefully what I need to do won’t take that long as I really want to get some things done.

My wife and I spent some good time together today for Valentine’s Day while our daughter was being tutored so that worked out well.

Bought two 72 pod trays today for seed starting. I bought two types - one with soil in them that are plantable and another with the peat coins in it. I’m going to try the plantable one first since I can put that in my existing plastic tray and then just plant them as needed. So now all I need is lighting and some organization in the garage.

Not sure how fast some of the seeds will grow so I will likely won’t start anything but the peppers first. Those need to be fairly well grown before they can be planted. The rest of the plants seemed to do well enough when planted directly in the garden. And starting things like the beans this early would be foolish. That and the cucumbers and watermelons would quickly get out of hand.

So the likely order will be peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and watermelons. The first two I’ll start before the end of the month. Those last three I will likely start near the end of March because they grow so quickly. I figure by that time I’ll at least have the poles for the climbing beans put in and putting them out there will be easy.

So the end of this week I’ll pick up a couple of cheap 48“ fixtures and grow bulbs for them and I should be ready to start.

The brewing stuff is on hold right now as it’s just too big a chunk of money to put out right now. No biggie. I’ve got plenty of time to do that.

Discussed landscaping with Da Wife today and we both decided on a couple of things so that’s cool. She’s not adverse to prairie plants in the one large grassy area so I’m going to look into doing that. All-in-all most of the changes we want to do around the yard won’t cost that much.

I’m glad about that because money will likely be a serious issue in the coming year if our economy is any indication...
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