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What a pain in the side...

February 16, 2009 11:11 AM 2/16/09

So I’m pretty sure I have another kidney stone due to the pains I’m having today. They’re in exactly the same place and about the same intensity. Bah!

No big deal really. I’ll follow the same procedure as last time and the stone should break up.

My wife did some serious de-cluttering yesterday so tonight I’ll likely vacuum when I get home and then we should be pretty much done with the living room. She wants to do the library next. I argue that the kitchen should be next but in reality it’s pretty clean except for the wood floor which needs to be scrubbed.

A check I requested from the credit union didn’t arrive before lunch so I’m depositing it after work which is later than I like. It’s still before five p.m. but I wold rather it were 10:30 a.m. just in case.

Did a little research on lighting timers for the seedlings in the garage and so far the best advice is about 16 hours maximum so I’ll probably just do a normal 12 that synchronizes with the natural sunrise/sunset. That should give me good results and not hork the electric bill too much.

We filed our taxes and we’re definitely getting more money back than last year. One annoyance is that we bought our house in February of last year and the housing credit for 2008 starts in April. Grr... Anyway the money is enough to fund the trip to Montana this year so it’s going to go right into the middle account and not get spent.

I really hope it gets warmer soon. I’ve got a lot of things to do and this whole winter thing is seriously getting in the way. For instance we have to clean up the leaves in the lawn that we left there last year on purpose. That’s going to be a bit messy but should go fast enough. Don’t know where I’m going to put them as I have no compost space allocated at the moment.

I so want pie right now but that would be a stupendously bad idea. :-(

Have to pick up a headlight on the way home today as my driver’s side one is dead. That means I’ll probably pick up two as they have the tendency to “theater bulb” on me. (If one goes the other is not far behind.)


Man I’m tired. I wish I could go home but I can’t take the time off work. This is where Federation style replicators would work wonders for the human race. Get one of those in every home and all of a sudden people wouldn’t have to work for anything but the power bill.

Yeah yeah, pie in the sky, I know.

Looked over some Instructables on Hydroponics yesterday and there is some good stuff there that is easy to do. I’d love to set up some long pipes and try it that way but that requires space and materials I don’t have yet. Though if the pipes aren’t going to be pressurized then cheap Schedule 40 PVC would make a good setup provided it’s been outgassed beforehand. I just have to source a local place for the clay pellets. Though there are designs out there that use the tiny styrofoam beads you get when you break up the white styrofoam. Some user vermiculite but I“m not sure if that would work or not. I’ll have to look into growing medium. I would assume that since all it has to do is support the plants then you could use something like the tiny plastic airsoft beads or something.

Another question I have is how often the nutrient fluid needs to be changed. Can the old fluid be filtered then new nutrient added to it? Is there a special kind of filter that I need to use or could I use something like a fish tank filter to do basic filtering?

Many many questions...
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