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A Delay of Dame...

February 17, 2009 10:54 AM 2/17/09

My now my wife should have received the flowers I ordered last week for her for Valentine’s Day. ;-P

(If she hasn’t I’m gonna have to smack 1-800-flowers around a bit.)

Still behind on everything but I’m moving forward again. Didn’t get things vacuumed last night but I’m hoping to get it done tonight.

Need to pick up some construction grade garbage bags this week so I can finally get rid of the broken fish tank out in the garage. Double-bagging that should be fine. Aluminum is seriously down so since I only have a couple of bags of cans I might just get rid of them in the recycling. Depends on if I want to make the effort to take them to the recycling center or not.

Probably going to at least write out the bills tonight on paper so I know where we stand. I’d like to be able to buy something off my E-Bay list but I’ll have to crunch the numbers first.

Feel a little crunchy myself but nothing a little sleep won’t cure. Won’t get that any time soon tonight but maybe I can catch up tomorrow night.

Fries today but no pie.

Replaced the aging headlights in my truck with the next brighter ones. Not HID but those blue 3500k halogen (xenon?) ones. They work pretty well and were only about $6 more than my previous ones.

It hasn’t snowed again but it’s been cold so I haven’t been able to do anything outside yet. If I can buy the LED grow lamp off E-Bay for $35+ I should be able to get at least the peppers started outside in the garage despite the cold. Have to turn the heat up out there but I expected that anyway. I’m thinking it’ll have to be in the 70’s for those seedlings to start out there. That’s going to be expensive heat-wise but if I can get them to grow now rather than later it will help my planting of them considerably. I likely won’t start them until next week or maybe the end of the month just because they are supposed to be mature in 90 days or so. (Last time they were considerably slower growing so I figure being able to plant them in April/May provided it’s warm enough should work well.)

I’ll probably wait until late March or early to mid April before I start anything else. Everything else besides the peppers is fast growing so I need to have it all started before the planting season but not too early or I“ll be doing things like transplanting watermelon/beans/cucumber vines into buckets very quickly. Though oddly I have no concept of how long it takes tomato plants to grow.

I’m considering trying the upside-down 2-liter bottle planters for some of the tomato plants because they could easily be hung around the garage and produce more tomatoes for me to bring to work or give to my wife. I’m kind of wondering if I should get some grape tomato seeds...or if my memory is flakey again and I already did that. I’ll have to check my last Seesavers order.

As with last year I’m seriously looking forward to the garden. I’m hoping it will warm up next month so I can get to cleaning up that space and re-organizing it. It’s a shambles right now and needs to be take care of. I have a secret plan for a Chappa'ai as the climber bean trellis. It’s in my garden and behind the garage so even if she doesn’t like it she can lump it on this one. ;-P

Of course that will mean cutting plywood in large circles and painting/foam carving so we’ll have to see how much I can get done before I have to plant the beans outside.

Thinking about re-doing the cabinet doors here in a couple of months. Bamboo plywood is not cheap but not overly expensive and I’d be able to cut them to the door shape easily and then stain them with a light stain and paint the cabinets to complement. That and changing the hardware out should only cost a couple-hundred to do and give us a much better look in the kitchen. best of all it’s _easy_ work for a small amount of money and a good looking upgrade. And I think my wife will like it as well.

We’re starting to get our act together a bit in the house. (We _should_ be after all it’s been almost a year we’ve been there!) So hopefully we’ll be able to have a much delayed housewarming party in a couple of month complete with seating in the smoker’s lounge outside. I’m not sure who to invite though. I think we’d have to have two but frankly I think it would be a blast to have both family and friends in the same place just to see the interaction. (I can hear my wife in the distance - ”No fucking way.“) Have to think about it.

There’s an Irish wake for a friend of mine a a local SciFi convention this weekend that I have to go to. I’m not sure how I feel about it. She was a good friend but I”m not sure if I feel up to seeing all those people or not. I can’t _not_ attend. It just am obligated to be there. But maybe I don’t have to stay for the whole thing. I don’t know... Like I said - I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Gaahhh....time to go back to work...
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