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February 20, 2009 11:06 AM 2/20/09

And by the I mean 4 to 9 inches of snow. Bah!

(Yes, yes, I know snow isn’t really evil. Yes I know it’s a necessary part of life. Yes I’m just being irritable about it.)

Can we be done with the snow and move into the constant rain already? I’m so done with winter...

And here I was just getting ready to tear into the garden space. Oh well I need to get a permit for the new fence anyway.

My mother is stopping by during Spring Break so the remote support application is moot as I’m just going to tell her to bring her computer down with her and I’ll fix it here. That will save me some headaches and maybe I’ll have decided on a remote desktop application by that time.

She’s also going to show me how to use the ginormous canner she left with me. (I still need to pick her up a small replacement which I will have done by the time she comes down.) Heating one that large is going to likely be an issue but I’m planning on buying a turkey cooker next fat week anyway so that burner would heat that canner quire readily.

Finally bought the last replacement motherboard for my neighbor’s system today. It’s the same brand (MSI) but it’s a different model that uses the same memory and chip AND has an optical audio output on it. Since his stereo has the same that means there will be no electrical connection between the computer and stereo system which is what I suspect killed this last board. He should be up and running once that comes in.

The LED grow light is coming from California so I don’t expect that to arrive until next week. I have to decide if I want to turn the furnace up in the house and germinate in there or turn the space heater up in the garage and germinate out there. The house is at 64 just for money reasons but pumping the garage that high without insulation on it will cost me a bundle. Decisions decisions...

Well there’s no way I can germinate at 55 degrees out there so I’d have to up the garage temp to at least the house temp of 64. That wouldn’t be too bad but if I’m going to do that why not just bring them into the house and save me some money. I don’t really want to germinate them by the library window again but that’s really the only viable place in the house at the moment. I’ll query Da Wife and see if she’s okay with plants in the library again but for now I’m voting for the garage even if it costs me more money. I’ll get it all back when I plant this year anyway.

In eight more days it’ll be a year since we bought the house. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if we can get the house cleaned and organized in eight days. Probably not but it would be nice if we could. But we’re both pretty tired at the moment...

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Feb. 21st, 2009 04:55 am (UTC)
I've done home canning for decades with nothing but the biggest pot (6 or 8 quarts, I think) from the wedding-gift set of Revere Ware, and a wire rack in the bottom to let the hot water circulate. It doesn't work terribly well on pint jars, and I won't even attempt a quart jar, but I've made innumerable half-pint jars of jam in it.

How about building a small enclosure for the germinating seedlings, and just heating that? Heat from the grow-lamp(s) might be enough, without any additional devices.
Feb. 21st, 2009 05:50 pm (UTC)
I'm using an LED grow light similar to this one: http://shorterlink.org/4700

So no heat output.

The box idea has some merit though. I'm wondering if it would be safe to run a heating pad in the bottom on low all the time. Or maybe there's a pet bed heater that is suitable.
Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:16 am (UTC)
Sheesh - the red-and-blue LEDs make it look like the bastard offspring of a police-car light bar and a disco ball. (And red is specifically to encourage flowering, which you may not want.)

If you put your germinating rig somewhere where it also gets as much natural sunlight as possible, you may be able to warm it up that way as well. Although I think you're on to something with the idea of a heated pet bed.
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