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The Seeds of Malcontents...

February 22, 2009 11:12 AM 2/22/09

So acelightning gave me the solution for my germination dilemma. The garage is too cold and the LED grow light won’t give off any heat so I need a heat source. Her suggestion was a heated box. In thinking about that I wondered “Why can’t I just put a heating pad underneath the tray?” and I remembered the tag on most heating pads that says “Do not leave on overnight.”

So what could I use? Well it turns out that I found just the right thing - a pet bed heater. They’re designed for low heat and are designed to be left on for long periods of time without incident. And they should raise the soil temperature in the seedlings more than enough to germinate properly. I’ll still have to turn up the heat a little but not nearly as much as I would have before. The heating pad will ding my electricity a bit but I’m prepared for that.

I’m kind of wondering if it’s too early to buy tomato plants or not. I’d like to try one of the upside-down hanging planters made from 2-litre bottles. My wife would certainly eat the tomatoes and I can always give them away if I grow too many.

The rain barrel didn’t fall over after the recent freeze and snow because I remembered to leave the damn valve open this time. (Yay for working memory modules for once.) Still need to purchase more of them. Im chuckling a little because the recent city newsletter was the line “Rain barrels can be installed to collect rain water from rooftops in mosquito proof containers.” which means that I can put up as many rain barrels as I want for water collection and they can’t say a damn thing as long as I make sure they don’t grow mosquitos. *chuckle*

That’s a change I see in city rules here and there because in the past that would have been a holy hell of a fight for the homeowner. In fact anything that might be unknown to the city. But now there’s so much of a push to “go green” that for the most part they actually listen to people now concerning such projects. That’s actually pretty cool.

I think I have another kidney stone but it’s too early to tell. The pain comes and goes but I’ve started drinking buttloads of cranberry stuff so that should take care of the situation before it gets much worse.

Frankly the problem is that over the last month or so I haven’t been eating properly - lots of snacks and some fast food. Since I went fgrocery shopping yesterday and bought buttloads of vegetables for the morning food that shall be corrected. Once again I have to recommend those Bird’s Eye steam/microwave vegetable bags. They save a lot of time in the morning (5 minutes in the microwave) and I don’t get as hungry because I’ve had a good breakfast.

On other topics - *#W%&% snow!


I can haz spring nowz??
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