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February 24, 2009 11:27 AM 2/24/09

So the fix-a-flat seems to be holding up okay in the rear truck tire. So at least that’s something anyway.

Need to do the dishes when I get home. (We let them pile up a bit while we didn’t feel well.) And laundry, and steam clean the carpet, and a whole host of other things as usual.

Going rounds with an accessory dealer from E-Bay that sold me the wrong brick for my G3 Powerbook/iBook, RMA’d it for me, then sent me the _exact_ same wrong model. I think they’re confused about which model they have because the item listing said G3 Powerbooks and this is clearly not right. That means it’s most likely the kind that goes to early G4 Powerbooks. Regardless it’s a pain and I’m really gonna balk at shipping it back because they haven’t shown me that they can get me the right object.

Still cold out but not nasty cold today. It was this morning but I’m hoping those days will be fewer as we get to the end of this month. It reached 44 the other day according to my weather station at home. I wish I’d been home during that because I could have gotten a lot done.

Typing outside today and I’m having the usual problem - sunlight. When it gets warmer I’ll be able to sit at one of the picnic tables but right now that’s obviously not possible. I keep forgetting to pick up a sun shade when we have money - which we don’t this week. It’s a “lean” week.

Going to watch the President speak to Congress tonight. Hopefully he’ll be able to get all of the critters to listen but I doubt the Republicans are going to do anything but pick it apart. We’ll have to wait and see.

People are judging him after only what? A month in office? He’s cleaning up 8+ years of shit people give him a break!

Gotta go back to work unfortunately...

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