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February 25, 2009 11:14 AM 2/25/09

So I listened intently to President Obama last night and I liked what I heard with one exception - it’s an awful load of promises he’s heaped upon himself. I hope he can deliver both for the sake of this country and for his sake as well.

It actually rained lightly today while I was at work. There were raindrops on all the vehicles in the parking lot when I came out to go to lunch. We’re moving our way into spring just fine now.

As suspected the one accessory dealer finally admitted that the Powerbook adapter they’ve sent me won’t work with my Pismo or my clamshell iBook. Of course they want me to return it for a refund which I will likely do. Is it too much to ask that people who sell things do their homework and represent stuff correctly? So anyway that means picking up another one off E-Bay but not until we have money again.

Found out that if we want to we can extend the personal loan through the credit union and add to it. That means that we actually do have the funds to pay for an independent evaluation for my daughter if we want to. I’m not happy with having a bigger loan but we don’t have that kind of cash lying around. For the record I think my wife said that the eval would cost us somewhere in the $2k - $3k range. If we do it I’ll likely take out another $5k and use the extra towards house stuff or truck stuff.

But I hate being in debt so we’ll have to talk long and hard about doing that.

It came up in conversation today at work how more and more people are dropping things like prepositions and contractions from their online communications. I’ve watched this occurrence for several years now and am guilty of it myself. We appear to be moving into a pattern of clipped speech. The speculation among us was that it’s partly because people are trying to move too fast and partly because more people are texting now. I don’t really have a problem with it provided the two people know what the conversation is about but it really sounds stupid sometimes to read my own posts/e-mails and find that I sound like American English (not just English - that’s Britain) isn’t my native tongue.

So it being Wednesday I’m on the way towards looking what needs to be done over the weekend. The problem is that both my wife and myself are often too tired to do anything but sit on our asses. (Which are both growing quite fat I might add.) So maybe this weekend I’ll try a different tack and select _one_ single task (besides regular stuff like dishes and laundry) to get completed. Something small at first. Maybe cleaning and organizing our daughter’s bedroom while she’s out being tutored. Or steam clean the carpet. (I still have to pull up a corner of that and see what’s under there.)

We’ll see how that goes.

Awaiting motorcycle season with baited breath. I can’t wait to get back on two wheels. The mileage is secondary - I just want to get back to riding. Just something I still find a ton of peace and enjoyment in even if it’s riding to and from work.

I was looking online and the prices for the 250cc scooters have come down a lot. Since they don’t require any shifting and have good seats on them I’d love to get my wife and daughter onto one. I think they’d both enjoy it despite my wife’s protestations and it would be nice to take an open air ride to a park as a family and have a picnic some day.

I better leave to go back to work now - the restaurant needs the table space...
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