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February 26, 2009 11:12 AM 2/26/09

So I’m looking to move my weather center data collection off my old i1300 Thinkpad and I can’t decide if I want to use one of the more power hungry Sun U1 systems I have or get myself another Cobalt Qube system which would be quieter and use electricity but I’d have to spend money for. Spending money is not a good thing right now but I’d spend it in more electricity using the U1 as they are not exactly “green” systems.

I want to move it off the laptop for the simple reason that I can use the laptop for other things and it’s getting long in the tooth anyway. Ubuntu is not handling the CD drive on that thing anyway so I’d like to try to update it to fix that.

Got my LED grow light in yesterday and it’s filled with awesomeness and BRIGHT! (And now that I see one I know I can build them myself if necessary.) The next thing I have to check locally for is the pet bed warmer.

Yet another dreary day outside but it’s warm enough for things to melt and it’s drizzling which means that snow and ice will be melting and going away so maybe I can start on the garden cleanup soon. I hope I hope.

Bought a different replacement power brick for my Pismo today from a different seller. Another $18 but hopefully this one will be right and I’ll get a proper refund from the other seller once I send the bad one back. They were polite and willing to work with me so I’ll probably leave them neutral feedback instead of negative. I’m always hopeful that people will learn from their mistakes.

I’d like to order a 25 pack of 7“ x 10” fresnel lense for experimentation but that would cost about $60 and I don’t need to be spending that right now. I do have three of said lenses lying around somewhere but I can’t for the life of me remember where they are. Probably in a box. ;-)

I’d _love_ to be able to buy one of the 50“ lenses for about $100 but that’s ”right out“ as far as money is concerned. A pity because I’d love to see my neighbors faces’ as I walk around with a framed lense melting the snow on the ground. ^_^

Still pondering how to make my own nutrients to use in hydroponics and I was wondering if it’s possible to take things like kitchen vegetable waste, liquify it, then pour it into a composter along with some leaves or something. Once it’s composted then liquify it again and dilute it then use it in the hydroponics system. I need more data on plant decomposition and compost in general before I can compare the nutrient output on that one.

I always seem to need more knowledge for some of my plans. :-)

That reminds me that I need to sit down and read more at home. I’ve got a ton of technical books to read as well as fiction but I just don’t seem to be able to take the time lately.

Speaking of reading - if you haven’t looked at the recent issue of Make magazine pick it up. It’s got instructions for building your own Whimshurst (sp?) machine as well as how to use lab glassware to make a vacuum siphon coffee maker. Pretty cool stuff. 8-)
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