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The Bored of the Stone...

March 2, 2009 10:57 AM 3/2/09

So the second kidney stone of my life is moving slowly on to its final destination - and kicking me in the back along with it.

I’ll be fine though. These little trials in life just seem to strengthen me. Mind you I’m not looking forward to the final destination if you know what I mean.

Found another exact replacement motherboard for my neighbor’s system. Someone put one up on E-Bay and I didn’t have to spend a fortune for it. When that thing comes in I’m going to repair the entire machine and give it back then tell him I’m not doing any more work on it. I’ll still give him the solution on what to buy for the optical<->stereo rca converter but that’s it.

My wife (bmhmom) and I had an argument yesterday about our daughter and her progress. She says she’s being “realistic” but I think she’s given up.

Here’s the thing - my daughter is progressively growing in communications, awareness, and intelligence. Having been through the process I think she’s progressing as expected and will be fine once she reaches 18 or so. My wife thinks she’s going to forever need an aide or live with a roommate or live in a group home.

I heartily disagree. My wife keeps making these plans though and frankly she’s ignoring the fact that if she pushes real hard in the _now_ those plans will not be necessary. And from my point of view even making those plans while my daughter is only 11 puts it on the table that she’ll never reach the goal of self support.

I can not and will not accept that. She’s more than capable intelligence-wise and has proven that to me time and time again. What she has are sensory issues, stimulation issues, and communication issues. And she overcomes those _every_ _single_ _time_ _SHE_ _wants_ _to_.

That means that if she chooses she can overcome her problems. And that means it’s an intelligent choice. So if she’s got the intelligence to do that now and I keep seeing improvements I fully expect her to be able to handle age-appropriate issues once she reaches 18. I learned long ago that intelligence only plateaus if you let it do so.

But if we assume she’s not going to be able to do that we lose the motivation to push her to succeed.

In my book that’s giving up. And I’d rather die than do so.

On a more pleasant note I found a pet bed warmer locally so I’m going to try and set up the germination stuff this week some time. The LED grow lamp has to be hung so that limits the locations I can put it. I don’t want to put it near the back window of the garage but that might be the only place I can fit it.

Still haven’t visited the local hydroponics store yet. We’re going to be in that area tonight to pick up a Wii Fit so maybe we’ll stop there and check it out of it’s still open by the time we get down there.

It snowed again today. So much for getting stuff done in the yard. (My friend in Tokyo is probably laughing his ass off as it’s likely quite warm there. Bastard.) Anyway I’m hoping the snow melts again later in the week as it’s supposed to reach 50 degrees.

Need to pick up another rain barrel or two for the yard. If we’ve got the money the end of this week I might buy at least one more. Depends on bills and cash and whatnot. But I don’t want to wait on those because I don’t want to be caught out again this summer. If I’d had rain barrels last growing season I’d have had watermelons among all the other plants. Not gonna let that happen again this year.

Making progress on a minor front - it’s been a few days now since I’ve bitten my nails. I’d like to handle that particular bad habit before moving on to others. The problem is that I do it on an automatic basis which means by the time I find myself with a finger in my teeth it’s often too late. And for some reason nasty coating chemicals, pepper, etc. don’t seem to stop me. Oh well I’ll just keep working on it as that’s the important part.

My mother is checking out an office manager job up where she lives. She should be able to do that without issue however she likely wants to understand things like “mail merge” in whatever word processor they use as well as brush up on her phone etiquette. She’ll do fine though if she gets it.

Both my wife and myself have been doing the sit-on-our-ass-we’re-too-tired-winter-blahs thing lately. We need to get up and get motivated. Neither of us needs to get any fatter. I think the biggest hurdle is overcoming the initial inertia of getting up to do things. Between mild depression, seasonal affected disorder, and general stress we often just want to crash when we get home. That’s going to have to change here if we want to get anything done.

Looks like we’re going to have to paint at least the garage this year. I’m going to buy the insulating paint additive to help increase the “R” value out there as well as with the house when we paint that. (Maybe next year - depends on the house condition.) Anyway the material is very similar to the same insulation material that goes in the space shuttle tiles so it’s super insulating and that should make a considerable difference to a 1950’s house/garage.

I’m still planning on insulating the garage roof though as we’ve lost a hell of a lot of heating money by keeping that place warm this winter. Thankfully we’re on the budget plan so it’ll all even out and we don’t get hit with a giant bill every winter month. That would cause me to turn off the furnace out there immediately. Remember that $800 credit with the gas company? It’s now $200 or less. Yeah...insulation will make a big difference in that.

Back to work for me...
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