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Of Old Beetles and Stinky Socks...

March 2, 2009 9:21 PM 3/2/09

If you read the previous post you might have gotten the impression that I’m angry at my wife. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Frustrated sometimes but not truly angry. I’ve only been truly angry with her a handful of times in our life together and all of those have been resolved well past this time period.

We may disagree on some things but in the end we both respect and love each other.

Went through the hit counter data and I’m kind of surprised. I know a few people who view my LJ are in other countries but there were hits from a number of places I didn’t expect. It’s not inflating my cranium so no problem there but it’s certainly cool to know that people do read the things I write elsewhere on the planet. And not just my beer swilling, cigar smoking, friend hiding in the wilds of the concrete Tokyo jungle. I hope his tofu gets soggy. ;-P

I’m starting to wake up tonight and that’s actually a bad thing. I was so tired when I got home that I dozed on the couch. Not good. I suppose I should get up and do some things to try and tire myself out. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded then re-loaded so that will help. Anything active really.

Ordered and received a Guy Fawkes mask. I have _zero_ clue why I did that. And I truly mean that - I have no idea. Maybe I’m just feelign a bit downtrodden lately. And anyway it’s not like I’m going to use it for anything.

I did have another idea pop out of my brain the other day that I thought was pretty interesting. Using smaller 7 x 10 fresnel lenses in a window box to both heat and cool a space when placed in the window like an air conditioner. The heating part was easy - it’s the cooling part that was hard and even then I’m going to have to test it before I release a design. I drew it all up and copyrighted the drawing anyway just in case.

Got the second replacement Powerbook/iBook power brick...and it doesn’t work either...but the Apple ones still do. WTF? Looks like I should play the lottery due to the amount of random chance skewed there OR there is something about my older systems that the new ones won’t work with. So I think Im just going to keep the new ones and use them when I need a 24V power supply and repair the old ones for use with the notebooks. *shrug* It happens and I’m done fighting with it.

There’s oddly no snow here around the house really despite having a bunch of snow near the office. We’ll have to see what happens later in the week before I call it the end of the snowy season. But then I’ve seen snow well into the beginning of April in the past though admittedly not in recent years.

We’re getting closer to riding season...
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