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Windy windy windy...

March 5, 2009 10:57 AM 3/5/09

So I rode the bike today. Not surprising how much I needed to do that. It wasn’t really that cold but I knew there were issues with riding so early in the season so I kept the bike upright the entire ride and kept it slow and easy the entire way. Now it’s 52 degrees and I’m enjoying the ride to/from lunch.

Found out from my friend that our former neighbor still has the old deck wood there so that’s good. I didn’t get around to giving him a call yesterday so maybe I’ll do that today when I get home.

Need to stop by the computer recycler and see what he has for desktop systems to replace Ye Olde Cursed System that I’m working on for the neighbor. Oh...I didn’t explain that?

I got home yesterday and there was a motherboard package by the back door. It was an exact replacement motherboard for the original e-machine board. I plugged the board into a brand new power supply, put known good ram in it, and a new CPU and fan.

Still dead with the _exact_ same symptoms.

So....I’m calling it cursed and will be finding an inexpensive replacement system with the same specifications and transferring all his data.

Then I’m going to build a trebuchet....

I should really throw all the junk I want to get rid of into the back of my truck and drive over the local county environmental people and say “How the hell do I get rid of some of this stuff?”. That might be the easiest.

Looked at new motorcycle helmets on E-Bay today because my visor is worn and scratched among other things. There are some good Snell approved full-face ones that are actually not that expensive but there’s also DOT approved modular ones that are going to be a lot easier for me to use. I’m kind of considering what it might cost to trailer the bike with us to Montana so I can ride while out there. That’s _got_ to be beautiful riding country. But if the cost is going to be prohibitive I probably won’t do that. Besides - it might be problematic driving with a bike trailer through the mountains.

That’s going to be an interesting drive.

Been slipping on meditating/grounding again and it shows. Need to work on that. I used to solve that problem by taking Wednesdays off to work on Sundays but now that I am being micro-managed at work that’s really not an option any more.

I’ve got a whole host of things on my to-do list too that are bugging the crap out of me. More at home than at work for the moment due to some restructuring that’s going on there.

Waiting for March 13th to hit so I can find out the results of the Google Tenth Anniversary Project voting. I really want to see what kinds of projects people submitted and what the winner is.

But then I still have a ton of projects of my own to do.

Unfortunately it’s supposed to snow again here soon as a friend of mine pointed out. And while I have a good weather sense thanks to my maternal grandmother his is better in some ways. He seems to be more accurate for snow but I’m more accurate for rain. I know this because I ride the motorcycles on days that he says it’s going to rain because I _know_ the rain is going to miss me. Not that I haven’t been wrong, or him as well, just that I know the accuracy of my side of things. ;-)

Ordered a replacement debit card today for the one account. The original expired, I lost the replacement before I could activate it, and it’s the card I want to use for all the trip related expenses so it’s important that I got that done today. I don’t want to put the trip expenses on the main account - I want it all separate. Not for the least of reasons is that I don’t want it spent before the date of the trip. ^_^

Considering taking some of the credit union money and investing it. The markets haven’t completely bottomed out yet but it would be good to purchase some of that stuff while it’s cheap. If not that then put some of it into a 6 month CD or something else stable that will give us a decent return. I’ll have to find a good investment specialist to see what’s available and of course this will all have to be discussed with Da Wife. ;-)

But I don’t think she’ll have too much trouble with us investing money for the future...
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