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March 6, 2009 11:12 AM 3/6/09

So I’m not going to go into the details but things at work have gone a little more pear shaped than they were before. I’m not losing my job and I’m not losing any pay but there’s a whole host of other things that do not make me happy. Most of my posts will have to be made at night now - at least the ones of any worth.

We were talking about the 8+% unemployment figures today and it occurred to me that 1983 was about the time my father got laid off from a place just down the street from where I work now. I’m hoping history won’t repeat itself...

I did pick up something to play with though. A 25 pack of 7“ x 10” Fresnel lenses. They should arrive some time next week. Those will be interesting little tidbits and I’m looking forward to seeing how much heat one of those can produce under different lighting conditions.

That and I bought myself a new head basket along with spare visors and gloves. It’s a modular helmet which will be less troublesome due to my glasses. The spare visors because it’s an off-brand helmet so who knows when they will be available again. And the gloves just because.

I think I’ll set up my LED grow lamp and my pepper seeds this weekend so that can get started. I’m going to need those vegetables to help out this summer.

My time writing here is up...
Tags: economy, gardening, green, helmet, motorcycle, pear shaped, solar, work
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