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Thunder thunder thunder...

March 9, 2009 11:09 AM 3/9/09

We had our first real thunderstorm yesterday. Spring is on its way...

I’ve volunteered to teach Plants 101 to my sister-in-law which shouldn’t be too hard as she’s pretty bright. She’s interested in growing her own tomatoes so I’ll start with that and walk her through the entire process including making the upside-down 2-litre planter as she has very little horizontal space in her condo.

Anyway to teach her this stuff I’m going to have to clean off the one workbench. Thankfully I need to do that anyway so I can set up the starter tray with the pet bed heater and the LED grow light.

DIdn’t eat right this weekend really. Ate far too much food and a good portion of it not good for me. I did try stir-frying some extra firm tofu but that didn’t turn out well. I’ve had some friends a number of years ago prove to me that tofu can be meat flavored/textured properly but at this point I don’t believe them and think they were lying to me at the time because what I cooked yesterday tastes nothing like meat

It’s supposed to be colder and rainy the rest of the week so no closing the valve on the rain barrel yet but soon...

We ordered the Wii Fit yesterday from Amazon. That should be here some time this week. Supposedly it kicks all sorts of ass - including the players. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out. I’m curious to try the yoga for some reason.

No sign of the other E-Bay items I’ve bought yet. I’m hoping the brain bucket and gloves will be in this week because I want them for when it gets warm enough to ride again. The rest of the stuff cane trickle in as it will.

No cuts needed in my posts now...no time to write long stuff...

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Mar. 10th, 2009 01:51 am (UTC)
If you stop expecting tofu to taste like meat, and accept that it's a different food with characteristics of its own, it's not too bad. I can't stand tofu pretending to be chicken, or scrambled eggs, or cheesecake! But tofu as itself, with whatever seasonings you like, can be pretty good.

Yeah, it's bland, but it does have a flavor (insert LOLcat here). Also, it's a good base for spicy and/or strongly-flavored mixtures. What I usually do is cube it (or buy already-cubed super-firm tofu in Whole Foods), then stir-fry it with lots of ginger and a few whole dried chiles de arbol (or whatever dried chiles you happen to have lying around, and a normal person would also use garlic).Throw in some unsalted peanuts and/or cashews. Then I add Chinese cooking wine and/or some dry sherry, "lite" soy sauce, and maybe a little tea if there isn't enough liquid, then thicken it with cornstarch in the usual way. At this point you can also add either a small can of mushrooms or water chestnuts (drained), or some defrosted broccoli florets. Serve with steamed jasmine rice. (And if you absolutely must have some meat, stir-fry a quarter-pound or so of ground pork with the seasonings at the beginning. Or look up a recipe for ma po do fu.)
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