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Gardening...The Pepper Picker Upper!

March 9, 2009 9:45 PM 3/9/09

So I’ve got all the different peppers into the starter trays, on top of the pet bed warmer, and under the LED grow light. (I even printed up a sign to sit next to them in the garage saying “Law Enforcement Officers please call $foo for info.” just in case of the random window peeking person who calls because of the light. (“OMG! Pothead!”) *ahem*

I haven’t changed the temperature in the garage yet. I’m going to check the temperature of the soil in the starter cups. If it’s still not warm enough then I’ll just have to change the thermostat out there to keep it warmer.

Doing good so far not chewing my nails. That eventually means carrying around yet another unmanly device - an emery board. ;-)

It’s raining again outside. One of those cold nasty rains that makes the whole world seem slowed as if it’s about to stop entirely. Thankfully it’s still supposed to be a little warm out tomorrow or things would be a sheet of ice.

I’m going to have to get my passenger’s side bottom wisdom tooth yanked soon. My body seems to be trying to reclaim that space. Unfortunately around here that means a trip to an “oral surgeon” and the one I’d be getting referred to has a policy of charging 50% up front despite if the insurance pay or not. (You get money back later if there’s an overage.)

I’m wondering in light of current events if I’ll ever get back to doing things for myself. I’m so damn tired of doing things for other people. It’s like I’m a machine meant only to serve. That’s not true of course but I can’t help feeling it right now. It’s draining me which is making it harder to do the things I need to get done.

Was watching something on the science channel the other day about both Jules Verne and H. G. Wells and they mentioned that Verne’s Nautilus was inspired by one person, I forget who, that had already designed a submarine. But it didn’t have most of the basics of the Nautilus. And I remembered a book I owned about another submarine inventor - Monturiol. I checked the dates and sure enough he and Verne overlap AND his submarine contains considerably more features of the technology in the Nautilus than the other inventor mentioned. (For the life of me I can’t recall his name.) Supposedly they never crossed paths but the show made one thing clear that makes me fairly sure Verne at least knew about Monturiol. Verne was _constantly_ researching technology. He was constantly searching for what were the newest discoveries and was fully versed in scientific theory and practice. That alone tells me he at least knew about Monturiol and his submarine.

Interestingly enough Monturiol’s submarine is well within the technology and skill of many of today’s home mechanics/inventors.

I’m going to start my wife’s herbs inside the house where I started the peppers last year. Those are all green and leafy and should be easy enough to get going in the library window and using the full spectrum CF lamp I have over there. Hmm...I’m growing more sooner. That’s a good thing in my opinion. ^_^
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