nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Wisdom of the toothy kind...

March 10, 2009 11:22 AM 3/10/09

So my right lower wisdom tooth is still giving me a pain but I’m going to stick it out next week until we have more money.

No calls from LEOs about my LED grow lamp yet but that may yet happen. Or maybe not. I honestly don’t care.

Tried repairing one of my old Apple yo-yo power supplies yesterday. Got the new cord soldered onto it but the AC plug broke off now. I’ll try and fix that after I do the dishes at home today. I might just put it all into a new project box and solder a standard three-prong computer cord receptacle and some wires into the circuit. That wold make a slightly larger brick but I don’t care as long as it works.

In a fit of nostalgia I bought the entire run (1 - 24) of the Ted Kord version of the Blue Beetle. I have his first comic appearance in Captain Atom somewhere along with the first appearance of The Question as well. I really need to go through my comics.

Also in a fit of nostalgia I found a 1979 Plymouth Horizon TC3 on craigslist for $600. I don’t really think it would be a good idea for me to buy it but it’s almost exactly the same car as the 024 I used to own. I could do a lot with that car and it would fit in the driveway with a cover on it and cost me nothing really. But I guess I can’t justify it even though it would be cool.

According to the tracking information there should be a Wii Fit on the doorstep when I get home today. That will be cool but I’ll wait until my wife comes home before setting it up. She’s in no condition to do that stuff at the moment because her knee is screwed up right now.

Got my mother-in-law’s notebook in yesterday but didn’t test it yet. I’ll test it tonight so I can leave feedback. Once I’m sure it’s good then I’ll give my in-laws the specs for the upgrades it needs and they can pay me to buy those as well.

Heard form my friend in Tokyo finally. He’s doing well and has a decent sized apartment (3br). He says Tokyo doesn’t match the images we have in our head of Tokyo but quite honestly no city ever does that. I wish him all the best despite jokingly calling him a bastard every now and then. ;-)

Our neighbor’s workmans comp checks got cut off because they forced him back to work when there’s no work to be done. The doctor still has him placed on restricted duty but I don’t think his employer is having any of that. I hope it all works out for him as he’s a good person.


I realized I’m not having any weird dreams lately. I wonder if that means anything or not...
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