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A Perlwolf in London...

March 11, 2009 11:11 AM 3/11/09

So a friend of mine got told today that his little part of the working universe will not exist past a month or two. More of that going around. Regardless if anybody knows of an opening for a “perl wookie” in London please shoot me a private message and I’ll get it to him.

I called the dentist today to see if they can just fax over a referral to the oral surgeon. They’re looking into it. Whatever happened to the average dentist just yanking your tooth? *sigh* I think it was $700 out of my pocket last time but it’s a necessary evil as this pain is seriously distracting me.

Asked the local police to stop by today and look into our front door window because the camera kept sending me motion detection alerts and when I looked at it there was an extremely bright light that varied in intensity on the backside of the front door where no light source should be. The police were very polite and I thanked them for checking it out and finding nothing wrong. The thing that bugs me is I can see NO way the sun could come in low enough through the East windows or indeed any windows to create what looked for all the world like a large bright ball on the bottom left quadrant of a door that is almost matt in appearance. *boggle* Oh well at least it wasn’t a fire or something.


Damn you “Free Pie on Wednesday Man”!
*shakes fist angrily*

My lunch has just attacked my shirt - bummer. :-|


Got a flat of tomato seeds started last night. I’m going to need a second grow lamp but I probably won’t buy that until next week. (Damn dried tomato seeds are small!) I don’t have a heater under them but I think they’ll be okay for now. Tomatoes don’t need as much constant heat as bell peppers do anyway.

About halfway through my CDs of The Blue Beetle radio show. Some pretty good stuff but definitely old. The episode in Chinatown would probably garner legions of political correctness drones with torches if it were done the same way today. But that’s how things were back then. (Or so I hear - before my time.)

It was blowing something fierce last night and this morning when I left for work. I’m betting I could have generated a good charge last night if I’d had a wind turbine up and running. One more plan to implement... :-/

The yard looks like crap after the winter. That’s going to be a lot of nasty leaf cleanup. Still not sure where to put them. I might just wait until I have to mow the first time and just mulch them in. Frankly that’s what I should have done last year but I never got around to it.

Maybe my next purchase should be a composting barrel.

Speaking of purchases the Wii Fit came yesterday but we haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Maybe this weekend.

Well...back to work...for the foreseeable future anyway...
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