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Super extra bonus post!

March 13, 2009 11:20 AM 3/13/09

So I have an appointment next Thursday to have this horrible pain yanked out of my head. (My tooth not my brain.) That should help me concentrate a bit better. It’s only one wisdom tooth of the four but the other three aren’t causing me any problems.

That made me think of something the other day. If wisdom is contained in all four wisdom teeth that means if you have all of them still it comes out to 100%. Now 100% of _anything_ in this universe is impossible so maybe they cancel each other out in those circumstances. With three teeth that means it’s only 75% wisdom which is easily possible in this universe. ;-)

I think of some weird shit sometimes.

Found the perfect solar fan online for one of my shop ideas but I can’t pick it up right now. Hopefully it’ll still be there in a couple weeks.

Almost done with the original Blue Beetle radio show CDs. The recording quality on them is shit but they were cheap and since the show wasn’t that popular I suppose I’m lucky it survived at all.

No sign of the pendant, my Blue Beetle figure, or the motorcycle gloves yet. Hopefully some of these items will be there when I get home.

Need to check the local Home Despot or Mingnards on the off chance they have an already started tomato plant. I really want to have an actual plant to show my sister-in-law how to make and load up the upside-down 2 liter hanging planter. I need to get a heat gun for that anyway so that should work out fine.

Back to the daily grind...and not the coffee kind...
Tags: action figure, blue beetle, dental, gardening, home maintenance, old time radio, wisdom
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