nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Got wood?

March 16, 2009 11:09 AM 3/16/09

I do. ;-P

More precisely I picked up the rest of the reclaimed deck wood from our former neighbor - or at least as much as I needed anyway. I collected on Saturday and he burnt the rest on Sunday. (The 10’ long 2x12’s nailed together in pairs were the heaviest. Thankfully I’ve always been able t list things like that. A little sore the next day though.)

I should have more than enough to do at least the garden fence out of reclaimed wood and fresh 4x4 posts. I also should have enough to do at least the long raised bed against the back fence.

Both my wife and I started with our Wii Fit this weekend (her more than me - I basically just registered and did the body test) and it looks like it’s going to work for us. I’ll get on it when I get home this afternoon.

It was nice enough to ride the bike to work today. (Yay!) It’s supposed to be nice enough tomorrow too but we’ll have to see. It’s definitely supposed to rain on Wednesday so I likely won’t ride then.

The new module brain-bucket works well enough but seals a little worse than the regular full-face one I have. I don’t know if that’s just a fact of being a modular helmet or cheaply made. My head is currently worth $89 now but I’m working up to a $500 head it’s just a money issue at the moment. ;-)

Thinking about going with another cellphone provider than Sprint/Nextel. We’re still at the stage where direct-connect is worth it to us so I’m going to have to seriously look at if we’re going to gain anything.

My daughter is well into The Hunger. It’s something that happens in my mother’s side of the family when kids reach a certain age. (Growth spurt obviously.) Anyway they get ravenous and it lasts for years. You’re never really satisfied until it “turns off” some time in young adulthood. You wake up one morning and you’re suddenly not hungry for a while. It takes some getting used to and, as I’m proof of, it can lead to some seriously bad habits. So I’m trying to mitigate it with our daughter but there’s only so much you can do. You’re literally always hungry unless sick. (Yes you’re hungry even when you’re overstuffed. Gotta take!)

We’ll get through it like everything else. It’s hard explaining it to my wife because her family doesn’t go through that. A difference in genetics is sometimes hard to communicate especially if it’s an internal thing.

A friend of mine yesterday suggested not using spray foam to insulate the rafters of the garage and I’m seriously thinking about following his advice. I’d love to use a green material but I really can’t afford it so I might just end up using plain old fiberglass insulation. Yuck. :-(

Damn. My right hand is sore because I caught it on some nails when picking up the wood Saturday. Thankfully I’m still within my ten year range for my Tetanus shots. The last thing I’d need right now is lock-jaw. :-/

Once again...back to the daily working grind.
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