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The moment with the yanking and the pulling and theOYVEY!

March 19, 2009 11:38 AM 3/19/09

So today is the day I remove some wisdom from my head. Not that I have that much to spare anyway. ;-) That will leave yet another hold in my head for a while until it grows over. ^_^

Regardless the oral surgeon’s office wants 20% paid at time of service so I’m kind of glad we’ve got those funds lying around.

All that aside I’ll be glad to get rid of the regular pain this thing has caused me.

Sorted out the finances finally today and paid the mortgage early this month. Since our mortgage has recently been bought by BoA Im damn well not going to ever do anything but pay the exact amount and pay it well before it’s due. Those people have a reputation of sloppy accounting and a call center in India that is tenacious AND often wrong about their data.

So yeah I’m going to keep on top of the finances for quite some time.

I checked out in the garage and the damn seed trays are dry. I’ll probably stop back at the house before going to the appointment for da-yanking and water them. I’m nearby a Home Despot so I’ll probably stop and get the heat gun and see if they have young tomato plants or not as well as a flat tray that will fit the cardboard seed tray that I’ve got the peppers in.

I commented to siliconshaman that he could teach certain things in a bad economy and it occurs to me that I could do so as well. Not sure where or how but I’m sure I could teach some things. With my luck though there’s probably some sort of annoying teaching certificate required in the US or IL. :-/ I’ll have to revisit that one at a later time...

There’s an open wireless near where I’m eating but I’m still dialed through my cellphone. I don’t feel like being a leech today. ;-)

Picked up some Ginko today along with my 5-HTP at the natural food/vitamin store in town. Damn this stuff isn’t cheap! $50+ all told. Regardless I’m hoping the Ginko helps my memory which is steadily getting worse. And with a history of dementia and other issues in my family tree I’m rightly concerned about it.

I suppose that’s why I’ve started writing things down on hard paper. Yes I have this journal but all my serious notes and stuff are in paper journals in the home and for the moment that’s where they’ll stay.

On a related note I’m going to pick up a fairly large sheet of plexiglass so I can make a clear-board for the garage. I’ve found a simple spot on the ceiling where it can fold up or drop down as needed. I just seem to relate to dry-erase style boards for some reason. It’s easy to explain stuff to people when you use one. Anyway the plexiglass should be cheap - if it’s not then I’m not gonna get it. ^_^

Cheap is the name of the game right now. Anything I can do that isn’t going to spend a lot of money is a good thing. Yeah I’ve still got to buy rain barrels, a pump for the rain barrels, hoses for the rain barrels, yada, yada, etc. but those things will eventually save us money.

*slurps down iced tea*

I’m...outta here...
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