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A smattering of spatterings...

March 23, 2009 10:12 AM 3/23/09

It’s sprinkling today. Ugh. Well a least it isn’t snow. And since it’s unlikely to snow from this point on I took the plow off the lawn tractor yesterday. Haven’t put the moving deck back on but I’ll probably do that in a couple of days.

My dad mentioned my weight yesterday which irritated me a little since I’m already losing weight. I’ve gone from 275 to 263 in the last couple months. My Wii Fit age has dropped to 44 which is only 4 years older than I am physically. I’ve got to remember to get on that thing every day.

Accidentally put a burn mark in the back deck railing. (Oops!) I was screwing around looking at the 7 x 10 Fresnel lenses and I didn’t notice that the focus was on the railing until my wife yelled at me to stop. Now there’s a dime sized mark on our back railing. (Again - oops!) But that did tell me one thing - those lenses are more than strong enough for me to do what I want to do. Not sure if I’m going to need a heliostat for what I want to do but I really would prefer not to have to involve one. I think I might be able to get by with multiple lenses but again more testing is needed.

Closed the valve on the rain barrel and I will start picking up more of those next week - it’s in the budget for then. Eventually I’ll buy the connecting hoses, T’s, and pump but not just yet. The big thing is to get all the barrels in place. Especially since they’re predicting drought stuff already.

Both my wife and I agree that we’re going to have to roller the lawn. The one my friend can get is huge and filled with oil instead of water so it should do a great job flattening out things. It’s just getting it here.

And much as I like the walkway lights I put in last year I’m going to have to find or make replacements. The solar/lighting circuits in these are dying quickly and they are _hollow_ resin which means that when they get cracked, like some already are, they will get stuff inside and look like...well...ass to be honest. I might order a bucket of the rubber moulding material and make copies of them so that I can cast them in solid resin and make my own. That’s a lot of work but then I can wire them myself for a low-voltage solar-charged system.

Huh. I wonder what they would look like using the 12 hour blue Europium paint. Supposedly they have a white Europium paint but I don’t know how long it lasts once charged. Have to get some of that to test...

Oh well back on the road to a service call...
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