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March 27, 2009 11:06 AM 3/27/09

So we had a nice dinner and visit with my aunt, uncle, and my mother last night. Went to a pizza place in a hole in the ground. Pretty cool little place. It’s been there for 60 years and it’s one of those basement dimly-lit pizza and bar places. It’s always been one of my favorites.

Took the plow blade off the tractor an voila! snow predicted for this weekend. -_- Thankfully it won’t last long.

I have sprouts! I was showing the seedling flats to everyone yesterday and there were two tomato seedlings that had germinated! On top of that we looked at my wife’s herb tray in the house and besides the thyme there was basil and another herb which I can’t recall at the moment that had started sprouting. So we’re well on the way to having fresh herbs and eventually garden stuff. No pepper sprouts yet though. Not too surprising as they took a long time last time too. I’m definitely going to get another one of those LED grow lamps though as they seem to do the trick nicely without using up a lot of electricity. I do need to put them on a timer though as right now I’ve got them on all the time and that won’t be good once the plants all start to mature.

Got on the Wii Fit yesterday and worked out for a measly 8 minutes. But that’s better than zero minutes so I’m okay with that. It also said that even though I was still heavier than my previous session I was still losing compared to the original starting weight. I’m _very_ okay with that.

Such a simple little piece of plastic and some programming and it actually is managing to motivate me to exercise. That’s pretty amazing to me because lately I’ve become a pretty lazy person.

Going to cook stir fry and friend rice again tonight. I just can’t get enough of the stuff and it’s blindingly simple to cook. Have to get started on the rice when I get home. I’ll have to keep the chicken and the vegetables separate as my mother is a Catholic and it’s lent so she can’t eat meat on Fridays but that’s no big deal as I have to cook them separately anyway.

I suppose before it gets rainy and nasty this weekend I should pull up all that carpet and landscape fabric in the garden and get rid of it. I’m going to be re-doing all the beds anyway and that blue polyester carpet is disgusting anyway. As usual it’s just motivating to do it. But I can also include a credit for that on my Wii Fit so that will help encourage me.

Need to go out and get some moulding to make frames for the Fresnel lenses. I really really want to get started on the thermal project because it’s cool and because it could really be useful during winter. I also need to look into getting a better chimney effect in the garage. I’d love to put skylights that open up close to the roof ridge but that’s unlikely as I don’t want to mess with cutting into the roof right now.

I found some cool SATA->ATA adapters on the web that will allow me to use newer and larger drives in my older systems. This means that I can probably pick up a couple of the newer 1TB drives and wedge them in my old Cobalt machines to make them serious storage boxes. One for just general files and one for media. Now I just have to figure out which machine to use for the front end on the TV side of things. Especially since I can’t afford a Mac Mini. ^_^
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