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Rainy day runoff...

March 31, 2009 11:17 AM 3/31/09

So after going to my daughter’s IEP yesterday (no hammering of people needed - more on that later) I came back and I noticed that the damn gutter on the corner of the garage where the rain barrel sits is bent downward. So much so that it’s leaking out the corner a bit instead of running down. That likely means it’s clogged with something so since it’s raining steadily out today I’m going to have to look at it when I get home.

My jaw is down to a dull roar pain-wise so that’s a good thing. I’ve been taking far too much ibuprofen in my opinion. And the hole is closed but not grown together so I’m less likely to get any food stuck in there. I still have to kind of eat out of the left side of my mouth a bit but at least I’m not wincing as I eat any more.

Fries _and_ pie today just because I can.

The snow is almost gone due to the rain today. It was a pain driving into work on Sunday because nobody plowed really well first thing that morning.

Didn’t do Wii Fit yesterday. I really need to get on it and work out today when I get home. I didn’t make my previous weight loss goal but it really was too high. I’ve lowered the goal a bit and we’ll see how that goes. The average weight loss (according to the Wii Fit board) is three pounds every two weeks. I’ve set mine at 5 pounds in two weeks. I think I can manage that. The big thing is to be consistent and not yo-yo on it.

My wife’s herbs are doing well. Still nothing on the parsley or the other herb that I looked at last night and _still_ can not seem to remember the name of. *rolls eyes* They say the memory is the second thing to go...I’ve forgotten what the first is...

Been watching A/C units to see what kind of deals are out there. I really don’t want to run one due to cost but there are times it’s just too hot and humid and fans don’t cut it. I did figure out that I could use one or two of the rolling floor units and park their output into the _single_ cold air return in the house and use the furnace fan to deliver the cold air. I think that would be a highly efficient use of A/C stuff instead of buying a bunch of window units. And yes I know that having them in the living room would make the room a bit warmer than the other areas of the house but that room is easily vented if it gets too hot and the central ceiling fan would help circulate the heat away regardless. And there are two heating vents in that room anyway which would be outputting cool air via the furnace. (Yes, yes, I intend to obey the laws of thermodynamics. ;-P No perpetual cooling machine for me.)

I’m really really behind in some stuff. I remembered yesterday that I need to make copies of our lot survey so I can draw the new fence plan on it and get a permit to re-do the garden fence. I should get that done today so I don’t forget again. Then there’s the clean out of certain stuff in the garage including the chemicals and the ginourmous Color LaserJet 5 laser printer and a bunch of toner bottles. Most of the spare toner I can ship back to HP or take to Staples/Office Despot/Office Gax but there is still colored toner in the internal bottles of that printer that I can’t get rid of easily. I wonder if there’s a printer place that will charge me a minimal disposal fee...

The IEP yesterday went better than expected. I didn’t have to bring anybody into line with us and they all seemed to respect our choices. I think they figured out that they’ve crossed the line somewhere but I won’t hold my breath. The one lady I wanted to thwap wasn’t there but that didn’t surprise me too much. No biggie as I’ll thwap her if she becomes a problem.

Got my first canning experience this last week as my mother was down from upper Wisconsin and taught me how to use the 22 qt pressure canner she gave me earlier. My wife made some excellent chicken soup and we canned five quarts of that. It all came out perfectly and I learned the basic process so now when the garden produces this year we can can a bunch of stuff like the endless beans we’re going to end up with. ;-)

Bah. Already time to go back to work...
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