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April 3, 2009 12:08 PM 4/3/09

So I’m home today thanks to a lesson in physics yesterday.

We’re pulling 30 years of crap wiring out of one of the company buildings so we can run new wire.

Now if anybody has never done this you have to understand something. On a suspended ceiling once you start pulling a cleanly cut wire from one end it will start accelerating of it’s own will due to gravity pulling the cable to the floor and overcoming the friction of the wire that is still laying on the ceiling tiles.

Anyone care to guess what happens when it reaches the end? That’s right! The end acts like a whip as it goes over the side.

I must have just been in the wrong place facing the wrong direction as all of a sudden there was a snap, a blue flash in my left eye, instant pain, and blurred vision. O_x

I was wearing my glasses and there is no mark on them so it must have come in from the side. Note: Due to my massive myopia my glasses are high-density polycarbonate plastic - stronger than most safety glasses. This is why I almost never wear safety glasses on top of my vision glasses.

So after I take a trip to the hospital (my boss drove me there) they said that I’ve lucked out and it’s a simple corneal abrasion. The opthamologist said that it was a shallow but wide abrasion so it should heal without incident in three days. BTW - when they put a dilation drop in your eyes and your eyes are already in pain the intensity is equivalent to the top number on a Spinal Tap guitar amp.

So after getting home and getting my prescription for Tylenol III with Codeine I have to go back today to have it checked out.

(Does anybody else has issues as a passenger in their own vehicle when someone else is driving it? It was...strange doing that while my father-in-law drove my truck home yesterday.)

Needless to say doing _anything_ is a bitch. Due to the patch on my face I can’t even take a shower right now. I’m hoping that changes this afternoon. I hate feeling so helpless dammit.

On the bright side I had to steady myself for the one-leg balance on the Wii Fit and my Wii Fit age came out to 28! ^_x

In other news my sister-in-law’s tomato seeds have sprouted and she couldn’t be happier. I’m glad I could teach her about stuff like that. Like me she still has no pepper sprout yet but she’s got a sunnier and warmer environment for her seeds so she’ll get one before I will.

Despite the eye thing I still want to try and get the carpet out of the garden this weekend if weather permits. I really need to get moving on that so I can re-do it. I think if my dad will drive me to Staples or something I’ll make several copies of the lot layout so I can draw the fence plan on it and get a permit for that.

I can’t just sit here dammit...
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