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Mind the bankrupt pants...

April 9, 2009 8:57 PM 4/9/09

Sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been busy at work and haven’t been bringing my Macbook to work with me.

Even my tomato seedlings have suffered due to me not watering them regularly. They were all wilted this morning when I did finally water them but when I got home they perked up so I think they’ll be okay. Still no sign of the pepper seedlings so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Got the second LED grow panel in this week so I’ll set that up with a timer on both of them this weekend.

Finally sorted out certain things about our finances and today I got a medical bill in the mail today that the insurance hadn’t paid since last year so now I’ve got to deal with that. It’s always something...

The eyeball is doing okay enough for me to function. There’s still a chance of re-opening the tiny paper-cut gash that remains but only if I seriously strain my eyes. Not like I have to do that at work...nope.... :-|

The yard is an out-and-out mess but it’s going to be difficult to get to this weekend because of the holiday and because my wife has an air cast on her right ankle and shin because she had an old fracture there and a pulled muscle. She’s doing okay but moving slowly and obviously not up to doing yard work. I’ll probably just rake up most of the leaves myself and put them in the paper lawn bags we have until I can pick up a couple of the composter barrels. It should look a lot better then.

Made copies of the yard plot so I can go and get a fence permit this weekend without a problem. That means all I need to do is start measuring and get the 4x4 posts I want but probably not until next week.

Made my weight loss goal on the Wii Fit earlier than expected so now I’ve reset it to lose another 5 pounds in two weeks and we’ll see what happens. I’ve been getting a lot of exercise at work so that’s actually a good thing despite being tired and sore when I get home. It’s also added activity to put into the Wii Fit logs. More data is more data. Gives me a good idea of how much I can lose how fast.

Almost time to start riding the bike to work. I see more and more bikes out on the road so once I’m sure I won’t have to move anything with my truck for work then I’ll start riding the bike again. There’s a little oil seepage around the valve covers but nothing too bad. I should probably pull them off and inspect under there anyway. lots of things to do on that bike just like everything else in my life.

We now officially have all our herbs sprouted in the house (okay only one sprig of sage is sprouted but that still counts) so probably in another month we’ll be moving them to separate planters. I’m thinking hanging planters that can go either in the kitchen/dining room or maybe even around the house. Some of the places don’t have good lighting so in true reflection of my oddness I’m kind of thinking of “planter sconces” that would provide both light and herbs even if I can’t figure out where they would go right now.

We had an old friend from high school over the other day. It was cool. Not my normal thing as most of the people I went to high school with I really don’t want to see again but he was one of the good guys.

*yawn* Off to sleep...
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