nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The never ending stone torture...

April 19, 2009 10:32 AM 4/19/09

So I’m drinking cran-cherry stuff again - you can probably guess why. I think the last stone didn’t break up but just stopped moving because last night on the couch I suddenly felt like someone had kicked me in the right side of my middle/lower back. Right where the original stone pains were. I’m still going to work but I’m probably going to have to bring a bottle of cran-crap with me until this is all over.

Finished and mounted the prototype for the herb sconce. It looks okay in the rustic environment but could easily be done for any decor. The thing does have a tiny leak problem that will easily be solved with some clear silicone which I can even retrofit along the outside edges of the existing sconce.

The parsley in the sconce is all fallen over but hopefully it will spring back up now that it’s in an actual supported growing medium. I need to get the other herbs planted as well but I need to get a tube of clear silicone before I do that. The issue is the tin pots are crimped together at the bottom which obviously doesn’t seal well. This won’t be a problem with molded plastic.

It’s drizzling outside so I can’t do anything even if my wife weren’t out getting donations for her autism center. I’d really love to get working in the yard, provided my back lets me, because it’s a real mess right now.

Just watching “I Want That - Kitchen” and they showed a microwave with doors on both sides. Okay who needs such a thing? They mentioned that “mom” could cook the food on the one side and the “child” could get the food out on the other side. Great. One more way to separate parents from their kids.

After the recent eye injury escapade I’ve decided that I’m going to take a pair of my standard round chipper goggles and see if Pearl or some other glasses place with an onsite lab can cut me prescription lenses for those things. They’ll likely want to have me get an exam there so i can’t do it for a couple of weeks yet but if it gets me the lenses I need then it’s money well spent.

I finally managed to get timers on everything that is growing stuff so now I’m not running those lights all the time and I’ve got a proper lighting cycle for all the seedlings now. That should help a bit and be a bit more natural. I’m still planning on doing this with X10 control eventually but I still haven’t installed the repeater in the box nor the filter on the main lines so not all the modules work in all the outlets. I’ll probably install the repeater first because that will get me up and running but I do need to filter or I’m potentially turning other people’s X10 stuff off and on without knowing it.

Off to cook my daughter lunch...
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