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More pants bankruptcy...

April 25, 2009 10:29 PM 4/25/09

Well things at work have settled down a bit so I should be able to start posting regularly again. Depends on if I want to bring my notebook to work with me or not.

RIP Bea Arthur. She was one damn cool woman and I think she was the first to say “sonafabitch” on mainstream television. She will be missed.

Not feeling too hot but I think that’s because I ate poorly today as often happens on weekends.

Slightly concerned about the flu thing in Mexico though as there’s an awful lot of disease vectors between here and there.

The herbs seem to have taken well to being moved to real pots. Likewise tomato seedlings in the garage are doing good as well. I’m going to have to move two of them out into normal pots or they’re going to hit the LED panels. Can’t move them into the garden yet because of weather and the fact that I haven’t gotten the fence done.

Have to do brakes on my wife’s minivan tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will let up so I can do that. I can re-arrange the garage but it’s a pain right now and I’m still pretty worn out.

It’s raining like hell out tonight. That means I’m going to have to devote time to the yard this week the minute it dries enough for me to run the mower over it. That and clean up the garden space before weeds start growing in it. Probably have to rent a tiller this time. I considered buying one but on further thought once I make raised beds I won’t really be tilling up the space again so better to rent.

Watching a current pirate documentary on The History Channel right now. I’m thinking it’s time to bring back a bounty on pirates. That and start actually arming and training the shipping crewmen. I did think that I’m sure there are plenty of mothballed ships in navies all over the world that could be re-comissioned to be put on escort duty. If you want to go the private route I’m sure that a “Pirate Insurance Company” could be created to fund it all. Vessel purchases, arms purchases, and maintenance fees would likely cost much less than the lost cargo and shipping delays.

Hell a friend of mine and I discussed it years ago. You could buy things like old diesel-electric subs or other medium-sized craft and update them with enough arms to handle most escort missions. The shipping companies would almost certainly pay you for escort and courier duties provided you didn’t gouge them. Definitely a workable business if you have the cash to do so. Especially if you can “green” the escort fleet in question.

Things have slowed down enough to where I can finally start going through my Netflix queue again so that’s moving. Almost finished with Full Metal Alchemist, an anime I never finished, and on to My Hime. I’ll say that for Netflix - it’s allowed me to finally get around to all those anime series that I never finished or didn’t get around to seeing.

All serious writing has stopped for me. Partly because of real life intrusion and partly because I just don’t have the brainpower right now. I will start up reading things again though. I just got a copy of Jim Butcher’s new Dresden novel - Turn Coat - from Amazon so I’m eagerly awaiting starting that. I also have a copy of Tao of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee because I’ve always wanted to read it. Still not finished with Monturiol’s Dream but it’s a bit dry for me so I’m having trouble getting through it.

Gods! Right now my life seems to be a mass of half-completed things. I really need to get done with some of them. :-(
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