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May 12, 2009 10:01 PM 5/12/09

...and that’s about the level of my intelligence lately. Between stress at work and stress at home and a schedule change that gives me no time to get anything done at home I’m not doing well.

My $500 car needs an $80 carburetor and about $30 worth of fuel line but otherwise seems quite solid. Not too bad for a car that is a 28 year old Chrysler product. ;-)

Celebrated Mother’s Day with my wife’s family. Loud and running kids. Ugh.

Met my Wii Fit goal of 2.4 lbs in two weeks then promptly blew it yesterday. I should be able to deal with that this month without too much trouble. I’m getting more exercise and eating less overall so as long as I eat stuff that’s good for me I should go back to losing weight.

Finally came up for air and started taking my vitamins again. I’ve been so out of whack recently that I was off my personal food/vitamin/exercise plan. Thankfully I’m starting to get back on track again.

Finished 3 of the four Septimus Heap books. Children’s fantasy I know but still fun reading. My wife told me where to go in no uncertain terms because I was able to finish one of those books a night. ;-) As long as I enjoy what I’m reading I’ve always been a fast reader.

Planning on eventually putting in an overhead sprinkler system for the garden area I just can’t decide on a good design. I could do a grid of pipes with holes in them but that’s awfully large and expensive. The other choices include corner sprinkling assemblies or even a row of sprinkler heads along the side of the garage pointing up so they spread out over the garden before coming down.

I’m really trying to get away from the soaker hose idea because in reality it doesn’t seem to get the water in the right places. I want something more akin to rain - something I can trigger easily using a pump and an X10 module with the computer. A grid would really be the only way to get completely even coverage over the entire garden but the rain itself isn’t completely even in coverage. I’ll sketch something up this weekend. I need to till anyway.

Distracted by the TV - they’re playing the ending of Avatar again. For some reason I’ve always loved battles between powerful magical foes. I can’t help but watch every part of the action. For some reason I seem to be riveted to every tiny little detail as if it’s slow motion. I’ll even admit to having my hands or feet twitch as if itching to be involved in the battle. *cough*

There’s always another point in film or animation where I get goose bumps. It’s just when the hero/heroine “powers up” so to speak. I’m not talking Dragonball because for some reason that just never say well with me - too obvious. I’m talking about things where the person doesn’t even know what they have inside of them or knew they _had_ something inside but have lost it. It’s all over the place in anime.

I know it sounds lame but in the past I saw such a scene in an anime and it so moved me I started writing again. Started doing creative things again. Haven’t finished many things yet but at least now I’m creating.

Speaking of creating I think I’m going to focus my energies this week on getting the garage organized so I can start working on my many projects. It doesn’t cost any money and now that I’ve finally decided on a design it should go pretty quickly.

On the subject of anime I finished Full Metal Alchemist including the movie and I have to say it ended properly. There’s supposedly a second series of that coming out so I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Got the first DVD of the next series in my Netflix queue - Mai HiME - and it looks pretty good for the age it was made. It’s also got one of those scenes I mentioned before in it so that’s a win for me.

Damn. 11pm. Time to try and get some sleep...
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