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June 7, 2009 11:02 AM 6/7/09

So I’ve been quiet for quite some time on the posting front and it’s not that I don’t want to write but I’ve been so beat down with work and with all sorts of other things going on that I just haven’t gotten to it.

Things have loosened up a bit and I managed to get a couple of seriously important-to-me things done like get the couch out of the house into my workshop, get all my workshop systems and my iMac set up out there in a usable way, and get the permit train in motion for re-doing the garden fence to allow me to expand the garden space and _finally_ start planting this year.

Money has been tighter than usual and I’m slacking on several promises to several people. I should be able to take care of those next week without too much issue.

A friend of mine has to move quickly so I’m getting his scroll saw which will allow me to do some really cool things including maybe some wooden book covers for some custom tome designs I have in mind.

Going out to see if I can’t pick up either shelves for the garage or the replacement plastic inserts for my wire shelves so that I can move all the technical/art/craft/etc. books out to the workshop.

Emptied the rain barrel out yesterday so I could put it back on top of something so that it develops a bit of pressure in the hose and so that the valve isn’t in the grass. I should really take the opportunity to build a stand for it and I really should convert the storage-only barrel of the same model I have in the basement so I don’t have to spend for another barrel right now. Cost of conversion is minimal in time and money.

Spent a while explaining something of computer history to my neighbor and his kid yesterday late into the night. It was interesting to explain Eniac, Univac, and Cray computers (at least in basic) to both of them last night. They seemed pretty interested, especially the kid, and they left happy. I told my neighbor that any time his kid wants to stop by and ask questions he’s more than welcome.

That means I really need to get a whiteboard in there.

Still have a lot of junk to get rid of out there including all the laser printer parts. I’ve figured out that I’m going to make a coffee table out of the Color LaserJet 5. (If you’ve ever seen one or used one you know why I’m making a coffee table out of one without too much regret.) Need to pick up lockable wheels for it today.

The herbs in the house are doing well. I’ll likely create another herb sconce today if I’ve got time. I still need to move the parsley further away from its light source because it turns out this is the kind of parsley that grows up to a yard tall. (!) I should be able to swap it out for the basil without too much issue.

I’ve been operating on automatic for quite some time now and that’s not good. I need to be like water. I need to move and flow around things, be hard when hit, and almost never stop moving. It’s essential.

My daughter seems to be backsliding so I’ve got to take a hand in that. She reacted okay to her (yet again) new school. Against my better judgement she’s going to be in the Autism specific program this year so we’ll see how that goes. Supposedly they focus on communication and if true that will help her. But if they fail to have enough academics I’m going to really make a stink about it. She needs her mind challenged. She won’t move off top-dead-center unless challenged.

I’ve also decided that my daughter is going to have one hour a day at home without TV. She’s too absorbed into it and I need to break that routine even if it’s reducing her “stim” relaxation time.

I’ve got to figure out more things I can do with her that will help her start thinking. The problem is that it’s a time thing AND a setup thing. Things like this need a fair amount of setup beforehand. Maybe I’ll just have to sit down and look at my resources and time and make a list of what I can come up with. to the grocery store so my family and I can get food for the next few week...
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