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June 12, 2009 9:18 AM 6/12/09

(Okay it’s corny but I was at a loss for a title today. Oh and uh...beware the penguins.)

So here’s what I’ve got planned for today and tomorrow. I’d like to get at least 75% of the list if not all of it done end of day Saturday.

1)        Clean kitchen. - Done.
2)        Clean kitchen floor.
3)        Write bills. - Done.
4)        Pay for and pick up fence permit. - Done.
5)        Pick up more milk and chicklets. - Done.
6)        Do laundry. - Done.
7)        Build shelves in garage.
8)        Clean and reset fish tank.
9)        Move technical books out to garage.
10)        Fold and put away clean clothes.
11)        Recycle loose papers.
12)        Clean bathroom.
13)        Start cleaning up garden. - Delayed due to "Julie".
14)        Clean up loose cords around TV.
15)        Start sod removal for fence. - Delayed due to "Julie".
16)        Mow lawn.
17)        Trim lawn.
18)        Clean out gutters. - Done.
19)        Call “Julie” to mark where I can dig. - Done.
20)        Build rain barrel stands.
21)        Convert storage barrel to rain barrel.
22)        Empty fouled water container and put bleach in the other.
23)        Install relay and 12V socket in 024.
24)        Spray foam around incoming electrical conduit. - Done.
25)        Start prepping garden for fence removal and tilling. - Delayed due to "Julie".
26)        Buy fence posts and plastic chicken wire. - Delayed due to "Julie".
27)        Mark post areas with stakes and dig post holes. - Done.  Used marking paint.
28)        Clean and organize garage.
29)        Dust.
30)        Meditate.

I really want to get 7, 9, 13, 23, and 28 done for my own personal space issues but there’s a lot of scutwork there to get done so I can’t afford the luxury of doing just what I want.

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Jun. 12th, 2009 06:38 pm (UTC)
Hmm...almost ten tasks done today. (I'll complete number 14 after I get back from picking up my daughter today. Need to buy white shower curtain rod cover.) That means I need to finish 5 more before I'm done today.

I'm counting the delayed ones because they _are_ on the list even if I can't do them. Just because they got pushed back is no reason to lessen my goal.
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