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June 21, 2009 10:00 AM 6/21/09

*starts bilge pump to remove rainwater*

So in case you didn’t look at the weather on Friday the midwest got HAMMERED by a nasty storm that among other things knocked down three tree limbs across the street from us.

And...oh yeah...we were without power for 24 hours.

This has been inarguably the longest we’ve been without power in this house. It went out at about 6:30pm on Friday and was finally back on by about the same time on Saturday.

Our daughter is currently at grandma and grandpa’s house because she couldn’t handle not having TV available or anything else powered and was thus freaking out. From a parental standpoint this was a good thing because it forced her to use her words more and showed her that sometimes things like this will happen.

This illustrates several things to me:

1) It is imperative that I get better battery backups and a decent generator. We ran out and bought a $150 1000W 2-cycle generator that ran about 3 hours total and then quit never to start again. (I think the magneto died.)

2) It is also imperative that I find some way to generate power around here. This is why I likely will not return the bad generator as I can use the head and inverter in some other form. Had I had an active water collection system and standalone micro-hydro system I wouldn’t have had the issues I had. Which leads me to...

3) Make sure to test the battery version of the sump pump every so often. We have two sump pumps which some of you long time readers will remember I questioned the need for. I know. And knowing is half the battle. *cough* Anyway the battery in the second sump pump system was dead so I replaced it with my boat battery last night and tested it and it ran.

So next time it does this I won’t have 8 - 10 inches of water in my basement.

Other oddness was that the UPS for the servers in the basement didn’t turn itself back on after the power cam back. I think it was because I pressed the test and off buttons while I was down there checking to see if it was totally flat or if it could run the sump pump. So that one is likely my fault.

Anyway the 1000w generator managed to pump the basement empty at least once before dying so that reduced the amount of overall water that was in there. Thankfully I’ve dealt with flooded basements on more than one occasion so I learned my lessons then and anything that is in there near the floor is in a plastic tote and anything else is at least 2 feet above the ground. So when the generator died I wasn’t really all that worried. Going to have to get a fan down there today though to dry it all out then spray it with bleach afterwards using a pump sprayer.

The thing that torques me most about this incident is that it cost me about $500 total. We took about $1k on Friday from the credit union account to pay the mortgage early and to bolster the vacation funds. We’re still paying the mortgage early but due to having to eat out, cost of the generator, and other misc storm related crap we’ve pretty much spent half of that $1k. *grumble*

Oh well live and learn. At least we’re not hurting for the moment.

I also learned that a 15 year old girl can kick my ass on Guitar Hero. For some reason it takes time for me to synchronize my hands and my eyes. The game is something that could easily be addictive though so I’ll likely buy it for the Wii here soon if not just shell out for Rock Band instead. Not sure how I’d do on drums or vocals though. The last time I sang in front of people someone got hit by a baseball. ;-)

Finished the anime My Hime this week and while I won’t spoil it I’m damn glad there was a “reset” in it otherwise it would have turned out way too sad. I start the “My Goddess” series once I return this. I’m also waiting for an anime form E-Bay called “Rideback” which is brand new and looked pretty good from the clips I’ve seen of it. I follow stuff like that thorough a podcast called Track-Shun ( ) and it’s rare that he likes something so much he just buys the entire series but he bought this one and watched it in one sitting so that says something about it.

This weekend has left me so burnt it’s unbelievable. Doesn’t hold a candle to eleri who my heart goes out to but I’m pretty frazzled.
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