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That creeping funk...

June 27, 2009 6:00 PM 6/27/09

So I have zero motivational energy right now. Between all the things going on in my life I’m pretty worn out.

I’ve got no shortage of plans, ideas, and things to do around here but I just don’t want to do anything but sit.

It’s not a health thing really because I’ve been watching my sugar intake - more than likely it’s stress.

I’ll get out of it here soon hopefully. I gave a friend some advice on how to get out of The Funk the other day so I know at least some of the things I need to try...

1) Go out with good friends on a regular basis and do something enjoyable for all. Try like hell to focus on the moment and nothing else.

2) Focus on a personal project that you do for your enjoyment to the exclusion of all else for a time.

3) Write down all the things that are giving you trouble and potentially causing The Funk. Once you have all those on physical paper (written or printed) take those papers and burn them. Burn them fast or burn them slow but burn them and get them out of your thoughts. From that point on focus on one or two things at a time. Be aware of the whole ball of wax but don't ever take it on all at once.

Good suggestions I just have to learn to follow my advice.

Another thing I have to burn is my fears. If you haven’t ever heard the song Burn It Down go here and check it out:

Fear stops me a lot. And I mean A LOT. I’m afraid of being made fun of, afraid of breaking something, afraid of offending someone, afraid of a great many things.

And frankly I can no longer afford to be at my age. The time for that crap is over.

I can’t be insensitive to people but I can’t be afraid of what they’re going to say either. That’s a tough one because it’s been something that’s loomed over me for most of my life.

Burn it down.
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