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Speaking of burning it down...

June 28, 2009 11:38 PM 6/28/09

We got the window A/C unit installed today. It’s an 8k BTU unit made by Sharp that’s not too bad but a little loud when the fan is running. (The fan itself is loud not the compressor.) And we found out something new about our house.

The three bedrooms, the bathroom, AND the living room are all on the same circuit. Wheee!

I found this out when the A/C unit was running trying to cool the room to 77 and I kicked a page out of the LaserJet 8150N printer.


Me/Wife: “Crap.”

So I unplugged the empty fish tank (no fish in it at the moment) and reset the breaker and everything seems okay for the moment.

(I’m a geek and you expected me to unplug my B-Size laser printer? Riiiight.)

Anyway there are a ton of breakers in that box and only one of them blew so I’ve got to wonder what else is on those circuits. For instance the one that blew is only labeled as the three bedrooms.


This means more crawling under the house and running new wires - something I hadn’t planned to have to do this year.

It also means taking a panel out of the drywall beneath the breaker box so I can see where the wires are going into the crawl space. Not thrilled about that but it’s necessary.

(And before anybody gets on my case about licensed electricians I have a certification in electronics from the local college which included AC and DC wiring in the home. I also have 19+ years of wiring computer rooms that have to be inspected by fire marshals among other things. So I’m quite qualified to do the work. Permits on the other hand might have to be obtained. Depends on what they say needs a permit. I’ll have to check.)

However I’m not going to start any of this until we get back from vacation. In the meantime I’m going to leave the fish tank unplugged and power everything except the servers and wireless down when we go on vacation. I’ll probably even turn the laser printer off when I go to work tomorrow just to be careful.

Nice to know the breaker works though. ;-)

This also means that we’re going to have to be careful with the second A/C unit we’re picking up from my father tomorrow (via my sister’s house) and likely we’ll place that one on the library circuit that we know is separate. I just don’t know if it’s separate from the servers in the basement though.

There are at least 8 breakers in the box not counting the big 35A 220V one that runs the garage feed. If five rooms are on that circuit then I’ve got to wonder what the hell the other breakers are connected to. Maybe appliances. That would make sense.

If that’s the case then it’s going to be a little annoying trying to separate these circuits out. Not hard just annoying.

If it turns out we’re over the load of the box though I’m going to just pay an electrician to upgrade the box. The arial feeds in this neck of the woods are all 200A service anyway and if mine isn’t then ComEd has to replace it by law as it’s violating code.

Regardless I’m just going to plan now and see what materials and such cost before starting anything.

Wheee....the joys of owning an older home... ;-)
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